Sex Education 4: The Main Actor Left Most Of The Time, The Audience Boycotted

Sex Education is one of the most popular teen film projects in recent years. Telling about the journey of young people to discover sex and themselves, the film has been released for 3 seasons and received a lot of attention. However, season 4 of Sex Education is facing a great risk of "breaking up" when many stars confirm their departure, and the audience constantly expresses frustration, even boycotting.

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#1. Sex Education Is On The Verge Of "Falling Apart".

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Recently after receiving the BAFTA award, the female lead of Sex Education - Emma Mackey had a surprising share about the upcoming season 4 of the series. She confirmed she and the role of Maeve will say goodbye to the audience after this season, according to Radio Times. "I officially said goodbye to Maeve and finished filming season 4 last week," Mackey shared.

#2. Emma Mackey Confirms Leaving Sex Education After Season 4.

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This could be seen as Sex Education's next sad news for the audience, preferably since Mackey isn't the first to leave the project. Before that, many other names of the film's pillars have bluntly "left their shirt" such as Ncuti Gatwa, Rakhee Thakrar, Tanya Reynolds, and Patricia Allison... Worth mentioning, Maeve is considered the "half soul" of Sex Educate next to Otis, and Gatwa's role as Eric is also loved for his role and a great influence on LGBTQ+ audiences.

#3. The Love Story Of Otis And Maeve Was "Milking".

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Before the news that schoolgirl Maeve would leave, many viewers felt disappointed and frustrated. Season 3 saw a decline in the quality of Sex Education's content, especially in the way Otis and Maeve's relationship developed. Some comments also believe that the crew deliberately "milked" the two characters, making the film now enter season 4 with a depressed and less attractive atmosphere. Emma Mackey herself also affirmed that Maeve's role in season 4 is not much even though she is the central female lead of the film.

#4. Many Couples "Turn Off" Hoping To Reunite.

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After season 3 ended, the main couples of Sex Education were in a bad situation. Eric and Adam break up after Eric confesses to kissing another guy, while Maeve goes to England and avoids Otis. Therefore, the audience cannot help but worry when season 4 is expected to premiere in 2023, maybe even the last season.

#5. Why Are So Many Sex Education Actors Leaving?

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The primary reason for most of these departures was simply that the cast members have found other opportunities. Sex Education launched the careers of several young actors, opening up new doors for them. Ashley left the show after season 3 due to landing a role in the critically acclaimed Bridgerton. Gatwa's decision to not return after Sex Education season 4 was also expected, as he landed the lead role of the Doctor in BBC's sci-fi series Doctor Who. Similarly, Allison also mentioned deciding to leave Sex Education due to other opportunities arising.

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Then there are those like Mackey who simply feel as if Sex Education has run its course. The cast members are discovering new opportunities, and they may be getting a bit too old for the high school premise of the show. Plus, there's the fact that Sex Education is also evolving and may need to make room for some new characters, which was hinted as being the reason why Reynolds and Thakrar left. Sex Education season 4 will take place in an entirely new school, adding new characters to an already large cast. Some stars have outgrown Sex Education, while the show has also outgrown some stars, as is bound to happen after a multi-year run.
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