Seriously, This Was The Last Time These People Did Laundry

We all have to do the laundry every day, whether we wash by hand or in the washing machine, but not everyone like doing it. There are many reasons for this. Some people are so busy that they don't have time to wash their laundry. Some find it boring. Others are exhausted as a result of having so many dirty clothes with stubborn stains. Yet others basically aren't good at it. Every time they do laundry, they end up in laundry failure.
From losing favorite clothes to washing machines catching fire, we have collected the worst laundry fails ever in the list below. Scroll down to check them out. Have you ever been through any laundry fails? Please share your experiences with us in the comment section below. We have already written about this topic before. If this list is not enough to crack you up, check out more laundry fails from part one here.

#1. When you accidentally put your gloves in the wash

Source: lin.dje

#2. Over two months of laundry has generated thirty-two unmatched socks. WTF?

Source: colemanjanuary

#3. Missed my pocket knife in the laundry

Source: paramedTX

#4. If you’re ever tempted to machine wash a down pillow…maybe …don’t

Source: katieb0824

#5. Obviously scatterbrained today, I put a laundry detergent pod in the dishwasher :(

Source: uglypatty

#6. My neighbor is doing some laundry...

Source: Tom-o-matic

#7. How silly of us to try to wash our machine-washable dog bed

Source: CoochPooch12

#8. Somehow chucked a dirty nappy in the washing machine this morning

Source: couldntdecidemyname

#9. My cousin’s washing machine on campus shrank his sock

Source: big_gloveguy

#10. Did the first load of laundry of the decade today! 2 rolls of toilet paper fell off the top of the fridge and into the washing machine without me noticing

Source: brbimjumping

#11. My washing machine caught fire while I was sleeping

Source: Cheese_Cream

#12. Left my covid vaccine card in my pocket on laundry day

Source: FuzzyG

#13. My cat knocked over 2 gallons of laundry detergent onto the floor while I was at work (my floor is not’s white)

Source: Cadyus

#14. You *think* you’ve raised them to be rational human beings, and then you come around the corner and you see...

Laundry FailsSource: pwbalto

#15. My wife tossed a pile of laundry into the dryer. Along with a brand new box of 500 dryer sheets…

Laundry FailsSource: _Scipio_Africanus

#16. My wife (and the rest of the house) also heard a noise in the laundry room

Laundry FailsSource: Blaaamo

#17. This used to go down to my waist until laundry day

Laundry FailsSource: egalex

#18. Guess the laundry's done...

Laundry FailsSource: toonoble4you

#19. My wool sweater shrunk in the wash

Laundry FailsSource: Enefai

#20. The washing machine utterly destroyed my favourite everyday bra...

Laundry FailsSource: 42penguinsinarow

#21. A feather pillow exploded in washing machine

Laundry FailsSource: -Damien-

#22. Yay, pull-ups in the washing machine!

Laundry FailsSource: kak-47

#23. My girlfriend washed my wool sweater

Laundry FailsSource: McAWESOMEMAN

#24. Be careful when you wash your shoes in the washing machine...

Laundry FailsSource: ercantomac

#25. My washing machine ate my favorite pair of pants

Laundry FailsSource: Opus_the_penguin

#26. I don't think I had to wash that

Laundry FailsSource: BugsyShort

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