20 Selfish Jerks You Will HATE To Get Close To - For Sure!

Humans should love each other instead of being jealous or envious – this familiar theory we have been taught in school since childhood, right? I know that loving and empathizing is something that humanity should do because it helps prevent wars and conflicts… But my friend, there are people who can't be loved no matter how hard you try.
Do you agree with me? Some people - whether unintentionally or intentionally - are especially selfish and behave badly in public, making those around them just shake their heads in disgust and exclaim 'OMG! Why do people like that exist in the world?' If you've ever met people who make you say such things, you will understand the frustration the 20 selfish jerks below bring to the people around them. Let's see! If you’re hungry for some more hilarious situations, don’t miss our post here.

#1. 3 People, 12 Seats... Seems Fair

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#2. Imagine Going To A Baseball Game And Having Feet Beside Your Face

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#3. I Feel Sorry For Whoever Has To Clean This Up

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#4. This Lady Kneeling On Bread While She Looks At Other Bread

Source: aidxso

#5. Letting Your Kid Watch A Movie On Full Volume In A Restaurant

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#6. Just Chillin' On The Apples

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#7. Woman Stomped All Over The Plants In This Conservatory For Instagram Shots Despite Staff Repeatedly Asking Her To Stop

Source: 9vy1i7

#8. Look At The Floor...

Source: 63a9ys

#9. Using The Only Fan In A Crowded, Warm Waiting Room To Cool Off Your Hot Box

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#10. There Was A Trash Can Literally Four Feet Away

Source: aiktsm

#11. These Girls Taking Up 2 Seats Each While Other People Have To Stand

Source: 9mhjo8

#12. These Kind Of People

Source: bknllc

#13. Parents Who Raise Their Kids Saying It's Okay To Leave A Library Like This

Source: a1opya

#14. I Sat Through 2 Sets Of Green Lights Like This

Source: 7ih93m

#15. Plastic Confetti Left Behind By A Gender Reveal Party In A Public Park

Source: bs35a5

#16. A Note That Should Never Have To Be Written

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#17. People Spotted Total Jerks During The Coronavirus Crisis

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#18. Just Take 2 Seats, B*tch!

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#19. Why Hair Here?

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#20. Plastic Petals

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