Selena Gomez Leaves Sad Emoji to TikTok Judging Her Skinny Figure

The controversial topic of Selena and Justin’s romantic relationship always arises whenever the two stars did something publicly. Recently, Selena Gomez shocked fans after leaving a sad response to a viral TikTok video about her skinny figure while dating the Baby hitmaker.
What is mentioned is that Selena publicly reacted to the TikTok video just weeks after she shared in her own document that her breakup with Justin Bieber was “the best thing that ever happened” to her. Keep on reading to find out more. 

#1. Jelena’s Turbulent relationship

selena-gomez-skinny-tiktokSource: Vogue

Selena and Justin started dating in 2011. From then, the former couple went on-and-off several times. They broke up, and got back, broke up, and got back…They last attempted to make things work in November 2017, but eventually, the pair split for good the next March. 

#2. Justin married model Hailey Baldwin

justin-hailey-bieberSource: Insider

Three months after the split with Selena, Justin began dating model Hailey Rhode Baldwin - his childhood friend. On September 2018, the lovebirds were legally married. The Peaches singer has made several music videos showing his love for his wifey including Hailey, Anyone, etc.

#3. Selena’s documentary “My Mind and Me”

selena-gomez-skinny-tiktokSource: Apple

In “My Mind and Me”, Selena’s recently released documentary, she openly mentioned her feelings when she recorded the hit song “Lose You to Love Me”, which was about the breakup experience leading to self-love. She said “It’s about more than lost love. It’s me learning to choose myself, to choose life, but also hoping that people can find grace and peace in that too. The song is about knowing that you completely lost every part of who you are just to rediscover yourself again.”

#4. Selena commented on a viral TikTok video about her skinny body when dating Justin Bieber

selena-gomez-skinny-tiktokSource: Us Weekly

 Recently, the TikTok video titled “The reason why Selena is always skinny when she dates Justin” has gained over 3.7 million views, with Selena’s sad reaction, the post surged to nearly 40K likes. Some argue that the Wolves singer was showing her disapproval and sadness over her weight being judged. While others claim that she implicitly admitted that was the truth. Well, it’s hard to say who’s right or wrong because a sad face emoji can be interpreted in different ways. 
What are your thoughts on this rumor about Selena Gomez reacting to a TikTok claiming her skinny figure is due to an ill-fated relationship with Justin Bieber? Is that the truth?
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