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  1. What the final episode of Secret Invasion has to offer.
  2. G’iah’s power is unlike anything you’ve seen.
  3. Is G’iah the most powerful MCU character ever?
  4. G’iah’s future role in the MCU is a promising one.

Secret Invasion’s Ending Just Created The Most Powerful Superhero Ever, And Here’s What We Know About Them

The Avengers have been including some ridiculously powerful characters in their roster throughout the years, some of them can even easily destroy an entire fleet on their own. For example, we have Thor, who is the God of Thunder and wields two most overpowered mystical weapons in the franchise, the Hulk, who’s nearly indestructible and can increase his power due to the gamma radiation level, and then there’s Captain Marvel, who can oust even Thanos in a 1-on-1 combat. However, these superheroes might not be able to hold a candle against this new character Marvel has just introduced.

Secret Invasion, one of the most anticipated TV series of the studio this year, has reached its grand finale in its 6th episode, which sees the rebellious Skrull faction led by the cunning Gravik being defeated by a new super being in town, who’s said to be even more powerful than any Avengers that have appeared so far in the MCU. Let’s learn more about this mysterious character and the ridiculous prowess they possess.


#1. What the final episode of Secret Invasion has to offer.

Source: Marvel Studios

Adapting the titular Marvel Comic event, Secret Invasion follows Nick Fury, Talos, and Hill’s footsteps to uncover a grand scheme to secretly take over the world by the Skrull Council, led by Gravik, with their shapeshifting ability. The series takes us from one twist to another, as some of the most familiar faces in the franchise that we all know turns out to be disguised Skrulls all along, for example James Rhodes aka War Machine, or Everett Ross. It also features some major characters’ death, including Maria Hill and Talos.

In the final episode, G’iah, Talos’ daughter, who gains superhuman regenerative ability due to the Extremis DNA, further enhances herself with the Harvest, a DNA collection of all the superheroes who fought in the Battle of Earth against Thanos army in Endgame. The Harvest allows G’iah to mimic the abilities of the most powerful characters such as Captain Marvel, Thor, or even the Mad Titan himself, and she successfully kills Gravik in the end. 


#2. G’iah’s power is unlike anything you’ve seen.

Source: Marvel Studios

As mentioned above, The Harvest which G’iah takes into her body in Episode 6 consists of the DNA of every character who participated in the Endgame battle, both heroes and villains alike. In fact, the list of characters is displayed on Fury’s computer as he gives Talos’s daughter the serum, and the amount of them is simply overwhelming. Along with Extremis abilities, The Harvest also grants G’iah the strength of these characters:


Captain America

Corvus Glaive



Proxima Midnight

Captain Marvel





Ebony Maw




Thor Odinson


Winter Soldier

Cull Obsidian

Frost Beast


Of course, the DNA of human superheroes like Tony Stark, Scott Lang or Hawkeye, or magic-based sorcerers such as Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and the Kamar-Taj people are purposely left out by Fury.


#3. Is G’iah the most powerful MCU character ever?

Source: Marvel Studios

In the final battle against Gravik, G’iah also displays a variety of said superheroes’ abilities, which includes punching like Hulk and Captain America, stretching her limbs like Groot, regenerative prowess of the Extremis, Abomination shapeshifting ability, Ebony Maw’s telekinesis, Drax’s arm, Thanos’s strength and durability, Mantis’s telepathy, and Captain Marvel’s energy blast, the final blow that she deals against the Skrull villain.

Not to mention, since G’iah also gains Asgardian genetics from Thor and Valkyrie, she’s basically immortal. It’s hard to imagine anyone who can defeat her right now, even the likes of Captain Marvel, Thor, or Hulk, who are just shadows of their comic counterparts. With the abilities of all these characters combined, it’s safe to say G’iah is the most powerful superhero in the MCU by far.


#4. G’iah’s future role in the MCU is a promising one.

Source: Marvel Studios

After Gravik and Raava’s death, US President Ritson issues all alien species on Earth to be hostile forces, and declares to hunt down the rest of the Skrulls. Only Fury’s ally, Sonya Falsworth, forms a partnership with G’iah to protect the remaining Skrull from the hunt, as long as she becomes an Earth's superhero in return.

With G’iah’s immense new powers, Earth has got a new reliable protector at hand, and it’s hard to think there are any external forces who are strong enough to challenge her, so it would be a perfect chance for the studio to introduce stronger characters such as Doctor Doom or Galactus. With the inclusion of G’iah as the new superhero in town, it’s exciting to see how her character will grow and perform in future MCU events, especially in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, that is if Marvel’s going to include her at all.

Do you think G’iah is the most powerful MCU character now? How will Marvel handle her in the upcoming projects? Share your thought on G’iah in the comment.

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