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  1. Why Did They Change Jordan On Sistas?
  2. Who Plays Jordan on Sistas Season 7? Meet Sean Sagar as New Jordan

What Happened To Jordan On Sistas? Sean Sagar as New Jordan On Tyler Perry's Sistas

Tyler Perry's "Sistas" has seen a significant change with the introduction of Sean Sagar as the new Jordan. While the reasons behind this casting change remain unexplained, it has undoubtedly got people curious about the show's audience.

Sean Sagar takes on the role, bringing a new vibe to the character. This shift marks a key point in the show's ongoing story, with Jordan becoming Andi's new love interest and the ex-husband of Penelope. The character's rivalry with Gary, a brutal and successful businessman, makes it more interesting to the storyline.

A major development in Season 7 is the recasting of Jordan's character!


Why Did They Change Jordan On Sistas?

Sean Sagar as New Jordan On Tyler Perry's Sistas Source: Getty Images, Sean Sagar as New Jordan

The change in the character of Jordan in "Tyler Perry's Sistas" remains a mystery, with no clear reason provided. Previously, Jordan's role was super important in the show, having a big impact on the plot and its characters. The role was portrayed in such a way that it left a big impact on the audience.

Now, with Sean Sagar taking on this role, there's a clear change in dynamics. Sagar brings a fresh perspective to Jordan, potentially offering a new direction for the character and the show. This change matches the show's constant change, keeping viewers engaged with new developments.


Who Plays Jordan on Sistas Season 7? Meet Sean Sagar as New Jordan

Season 7 of "Tyler Perry's Sistas" brings in Sean Sagar in the role of Jordan, adding new life to the character. Sagar, born on February 20, 1990, is known for his roles in "The Covenant" (2023), "The Gentlemen" (2019), and "Our Girl" (2013). He began his acting career in 2011 with a minor role in "Top Boy" and has since developed lots of followers, shown by his over 90,000 Instagram followers where he shares peeks at his personal life and activities.

Sagar's journey in acting is filled with different parts and performances, reflecting his ability to change and shine in different genres and characters. His brother, Nick Sagar, is also an actor, adding a creative touch to the family. Sean Sagar’s joining "Tyler Perry's Sistas" as the new Jordan is a move that is set to bring new character vibes to the show's story and character dynamics.

Sean Sagar’s TV Shows & Movies

  • Blue Story (2019) as Skitzer
  • The Covenant (2023) as Charlie 'Jizzy' Crow
  • Fate: The Winx Saga (TV Series, 2021–2022) as Marco
  • NCIS: Sydney (TV Series, 2023) as DeShawn Jackson
  • Just a Couple (TV Mini Series, 2017) as Daniel
  • Ill Manors (2012) as Freddie
  • The Gentlemen (2019) as Mal
  • Our Girl (TV Series, 2016–2020) as Monk
  • Sista (2022) as Jordan
  • Sistas (TV Series, 2023) as Jordan
  • Buffering (TV Series, 2021–2023) as Robbie
  • The Man (TV Mini Series, 2019) as Andy
  • Solitaire (Short, 2020) as Jamal
  • Casualty (TV Series, 2012–2016) as Zeke Tanner/Saf Hussein
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