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Get To Know Samantha Siqueiros as Camille in Netflix’s Berlin

Samantha Siqueiros has impressed viewers in Netflix's latest popular show, "Berlin," a prequel to "Money Heist." Playing Camille, the fascinating romantic role of the character Berlin, Samantha's performance is captivating and detailed. Camille deepens and makes the series richer, making her character a central part of the story.

Camille in Netflix's Berlin: Character Guide

Samantha Siqueiros as Camille Source: Netlfix

In "Money Heist: Berlin," Camille, played by Samantha Siqueiros, becomes a major character whose details and growth catch your eye. François Polignac’s wife, Camille, plays a big part of the story, especially in her connection with Berlin.

  • Character Development: Camille starts as a supporting role at first, but as the series progresses, she reveals various aspects of complexity. Her journey from being François's wife to playing an important role in Berlin's heist plans gives her more substance and adaptability.
  • Characteristics: Camille's character is a blend of gentle and strong. She's shown as smart and watchful, traits that are a crucial part of the ongoing events. Her interactions with Berlin show her strong feelings and way of influencing others.
  • Impact on the Plot: Camille's relationship with Berlin spices things up in the series. Their interactions range from playful to really emotional, making him more complex. Her decisions and actions greatly influence the heist's direction, often adding unexpected twists to the storyline.

Get To Know Samantha Siqueiros

Samantha Siqueiros, now 29, known for her captivating on-screen, lives a down-to-earth lifestyle. Born and raised in Mexico, Samantha has loved arts and culture since she was young. Her climb from local Mexican talent to a globally recognised star is inspiring and amazing, showing her dedication to her work and personal growth.

Samantha Siqueiros’ TV Shows & Movies

Since her first appearance in 2016, Samantha Siqueiros has worked in many big shows, showing her range as an actress. Here's a look at her career journey:

  • 2016: "Baila" – Her first appearance in this Mexican film.
  • 2016: "Vino el Amor"
  • 2017: "Vikki RPM" (Nickelodeon) as Victoria Franco.
  • 2017-2018: "Sin Tu Mirada"
  • 2018-2019: "Lady Steel"
  • 2019: "You Can't Hide"
  • 2022: "The Secret of the Greco Family" – as Sabrina Greco
  • 2023: "Berlin" (Netflix) – as Camille

Samantha Siqueiros' climb from a new actress in Mexico to a globally recognized star is a story of hard work and skill. Her acting path, which began with the 2016 movie "Baila," reached a major milestone with her role in the American telenovela "Vikki RPM" in 2017. This role showcased her acting chops and her talent for connecting with younger fans. Samantha's move to Spain was a clever step that helped her gain global fame.

Her role in "Berlin" as Camille was an important moment. This role showcased her range as an actress and left her mark on the global acting scene. Samantha's playing Camille has been popular with critics and fans, adding to her fame in the Entertainment world.

Social Media

Samantha Siqueiros has gained a large following on social media, especially on Instagram. Her account, @samvsiqueiros, has over 85K followers when writing. Samantha reaches out to her fans, showing bits of her work, personal moments, and travels.

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