Russell Crowe Immediately Turned Down Offer To Play Donald Trump In A Biopic

As a seasoned actor, Russell Crowe has played a broad range of parts during his career, but there is one, in particular, he has made it clear he has no interest in accepting if offered. The Pope's Exorcist was the subject of a guest appearance by Crowe on Sunrise in Australia.
nullThe interview took place after Donald Trump, the former US president, had just been charged with a crime. In answer to a direct question about whether he may be interested in portraying Trump in a biopic, Crowe made it clear that this is not in the actor's plans.
Crowe chuckled as he heard the question and glanced at his watch: "I'm really busy now. I've got, um... I've got lots and lots of things to do."
Although Trump hasn't yet had an official biography in the style of Vice, it does feel like it's just a matter of time. Brendan Gleeson played him in the 2020 CBS miniseries The Comey Rule. He has been represented by several performers on television, mainly in comedic roles. He has, of course, been regularly lampooned on Saturday Night Live for years; at one time, Alec Baldwin received an Emmy for playing the role. While playing Trump on the program, James Austin Johnson parodied the arraignment in the episode that aired last Saturday night.
A Donald Trump movie based on Maggie Haberman's book Confident Man, highlighting the Home Alone 2: Lost in New York guest star's journey to political prominence, was once said to be in the works at Apple. Late last year, it was revealed that the business had covertly shelved the project. The South Park creators also claimed to have previously planned to use deep fake technology in a movie about Trump; however, they have since given up on the project.
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