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  1. #1. Rocker Steiner Yellowstone Is In Steiner Family

Rocker Steiner Yellowstone Is Steiner Family's Third Generation

Searching for information about Rocker Steiner Yellowstone? Here we go! At the Stampede rodeo, Pool B is now the main attraction, and a new gang of cowboys has taken their place. Rocker Steiner, 18 years old at the time of the competition, will be one of the contestants and will be making his debut in Calgary. Even though this will be Steiner's first time competing at the Calgary Stampede, it appears that competing at the Stampede is a family tradition in the Steiner household.
His grandpa rode bulls, and his grandma competed in barrel races when they were younger. His mother and sister were barrel racers, and his father had won a world championship in steer wrestling.

#1. Rocker Steiner Yellowstone Is In Steiner Family

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Rocker didn't start competing in bareback until he was about 14 because he was more into wakeboarding, but he became a quick learner. He was chosen as the parade marshal for the Calgary Stampede by actor Kevin Costner, who starred in the film "Yellowstone." Rocker didn't actually start competing in bareback until he was about 14 because he was more into wakeboarding than bareback.
In addition, Rocker's portfolio now includes the role of actor, which he recently added. Yellowstone is a critically regarded television series starring 2022 Stampede parade marshal Kevin Costner. Both he and his father had cameo appearances in the series during its early seasons.


"Taylor Sheridan moved right next to us," Steiner said in an interview that aired on Monday on CTV News. "He is the writer and director of Yellowstone," Steiner added. When he learned that I rode bareback horses, he asked me if I wanted to be in the show, and when I told him "yes," he was surprised.
"We traveled to Utah and filmed there for a while. I had no idea what kind of pushback I would get since I was completely unprepared for it. After that, I had no choice but to power down my phone because I was receiving videos of the earlier event till today. "It was a unique experience," he went on to say. "It was a lot of fun."

Joining Stampede rodeo As Steiner Family's 3rd Generation

Rocker Steiner Yellowstone, rocker steiner interview
Regarding participating in Calgary, Steiner mentioned that he has been aware of the possibility for some time. He said, "Man, the energy in this place is just so ridiculous." "What I mean is that the audience is practically on top of you, and I enjoy that. "Over the past few years, my father has been raving about how wonderful Calgary is, and he's insisted that I make the trip up here!"
To return to Yellowstone, Steiner did not see Kevin Costner on the day that he was filming, but he got to meet other cast members.
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