20 Ridiculous Photoshop Fails That Deserve Every Insulting Comment

Photoshop is not for everyone. As with any powerful and advanced tool, it still can be a complete disaster if given in the wrong hands. That's why someone created this online community on Reddit known as r/Sh***yPhotoshop, where everyone can post their own terrible, hilarious, and cringe-worthy attempts at photo editing or share examples of ridiculous photoshop fails they spot somewhere else so that they can laugh together.
We made a compilation of the best photo editing fails shared on this subreddit to share with you. Maybe after you read this post, you may feel the urge to take up Photoshop as a new hobby or you will be easier on your own Photoshop skills if you have tried it before.

#1. I don’t see the problem here

Source: nk2702

#2. Indian Tom Cruise

Source: Artistic-Bad-4636

#3. He is definitely carrying that tablet!

Source: BizKet89

#4. The BeeGeeSus

Source: nwod_mlac

#5. The art of Nollywood

Source: ricekrispies327

#6. When your shadow just can't help snitching on you!

Source: prettykittyaza

#7. This is not a dog in a sweater...

Source: Shankar_0

#8. So close

Source: jimmyjojimbob

#9. You can barely tell

Source: barleypopsmn

#10. Another great day at school!

Source: steelbadas

#11. I wanted to get rid of my friend's body in the pool. Literally did THE BEST I could

Source: leslielisbae

#12. Challenged myself to turn my cat into a loaf in under 10 minutes

Source: soap_muncher

#13. Found this on amazon... they didn't even try

Source: turtlegamer420

#14. Do better, Amazon

Source: dakota_jo23

#15. Automatic pet food dispenser

Source: reddit

#16. Wallmart spending big bucks on this masterpiece

Source: RosenrotEis

#17. eBay shower cap

Source: KissMyGoat

#18. Wonderfully not-to-scale and reality-warping plant pots on Amazon

Source: Gimme_Some_Sunshine

#19. How does this even...

Source: e61545

#20. Sponsored post from the miles&more newsletter

Source: weld1250

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