20 People Whose Ridiculous Ideas Can Actually Work And Change The World

What proportion of the brain is employed by humans? Can you answer this question? Life is full of issues and obstacles that require us to use our intellect to its best potential in order to solve them. We're confident that the folks in the hilarious pics below employed 200% of their brainpower to come up with effective yet ridiculous ideas to solve their personal difficulties. Using the wiper to spread strawberry jam on bread, repurposed jeans or a variety of other items will have you gasping for air at these people's inventiveness.
We’re lucky enough to have the Internet, where people can share creative designs they come across with the rest of the world. Here are 20 people whose ridiculous ideas can actually work and change the world. Scroll down to check them out, and don’t hesitate to share them with your friends and relatives. Enjoy!

#1. Tailgate? Nah, it's a door now

Source: -Brownian-Motion-

#2. Are you serious?

Source: Gurtek86

#3. The Maintenance manager of my apartment complex's solution to the broken gate code box

Source: lilwebbybo

#4. Workarounds

Source: JohnW305

#5. He is just cutting corners.

Source: The Expert In Electric

#6. If it works, it works. Soap bottle at an IHOP

Source: experteric

#7. What?

Source: Minhlongmotor

#8. This can’t be up to code?

Source: TheBlocMan

#9. The cool chair

Source: Mockbubbles2628

#10. Feast your eyes… My brother’s gaming chair

Source: LeahaFitzgerald

#11. Rate my setup

Source: Terraria_OOF

#12. Lost my button. Allen wrench fixes for my overalls.

Source: gronerglass

#13. Not sure how I feel about this

Source: joserrez

#14. Let's hope the airbags don't pop...

Source: Shmandle2k19

#15. Just some dolls I altered in my spare time

Source: that_wild_artsy_1

#16. Custom made bed

Source: dr3wapictur3

#17. Repurposed jeans

Source: Regallybeagley

#18. A Shrek incense holder

Source: lauriebunnie

#19. When you have $$$ but lack land

Source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#20. "Therapy chairs" for children's hospitals were rejected. Wonder why?

Source: nohopeforthekids

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