20 Ridiculous Graphic Design Fails That Boggle Your Mind

Sometimes when we go out in public, chances are we may spot signboards and banners that will leave us there questioning our whole existence. They either have a stupid look or the craziest idea that no one can possibly understand. Those ridiculous graphic design fails look like they were created by a little kid. Of course, you don't have to be a skilled graphic designer to shame whoever came up with such awful ideas for their work because, to be honest, it’s fun to do so.
Below we have compiled 20 examples of graphic design blunders that will boggle your mind. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. Forcea Forsmt

Source: coupledwalk

#2. Bimbo's bear holding a sandwich with... three hands?

Source: glucolicious

#3. This map at my kids school is missing Florida and Hawaii (at least), I guess the authors spent too much time drawing random submarines

Source: nothingspecialva

#4. This concert poster lineup is a bit rough on the eyes

Source: crickemnugz

#5. A dog's and worlds cat's

Source: lucasjackson87

#6. The hon orb and shirts this year

Source: a-gay-vaporeon

#7. It's supposed to be LUMOS. All I see is SLUM

Source: i_wanna_read_all_day

#8. On Heavens Knock Knock Knocking Door

Source: ixbye

#9. This looks confusing to me

Source: rodascrl

#10. Found this giraffe with five legs in a search and find book

Source: OdenTheAnimator2007

#11. The actual name is Sagano

Source: LooseVALVe

#12. Red Shoes

Source: poisonbluetooth

#13. They know what they were doing

Source: zoxitio

#14. Sign in the doctor's office

Source: kai2306

#15. This is the logo that my local dentist went with

Source: bnrshrnkr

#16. That nose must be smelling things it shouldn't

Source: Thexesis

#17. No thanks, I’d rather not

Source: Lower_Studio47

#18. I had a stroke trying to read this

Source: Mini-Heart-Attack

#19. This goofy ahh wallpaper at the mall

Source: Hawkeye_Legend

#20. This pub is supposed to be called “Bunch of Grapes”

Source: isaac-jones

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