Richard Masur, Kaleidoscope Doctor Actor, Stands Out In “Green” Episode

Despite only appearing briefly, the Kaleidoscope Doctor actor Richard Masur stands out in the Green episode. His character is the doctor. Garcia seems like he could use his episode, what with his ’70s muscle car, knit hippy cap, and apparent delight at Stan’s decision to feed the inmates magic mushrooms.

The year 2016 is depicted in the episode “Green,” seven years before the series’ central heist. Since his incarceration 17 years ago, Ray (Giancarlo Esposito) has been trying in vain to write to his daughter Hannah Kim (Tati Gabrielle), whom he has not seen since his sentencing. An early part of Ray’s term was spent without visits.

#1. Ray In Help of Kaleidoscope Doctor Actor

Kaleidoscope Doctor Actor
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Stan Loomis, his cellmate, is an expert smuggler who regularly provides his girlfriend, Judy, with contraband such as cannabis lollipops and SIM cards. His girlfriend acts as the intermediary in this. When he gets into trouble with the white supremacist group that hangs out in the jail kitchen, Ray is there to help him out. Stan doesn’t want to branch out into other illegal activities, so he sends Judy’s SIM card buyer, Bob Goodwin, to discuss expanding the business.

Judy invites him in during one of the visiting days. Because of several occurrences and some stiffness and tremors in his hands, the jail doctor has concluded that Ray has Parkinson’s disease. This sets Ray’s plot to escape in motion, which involves stealing the doctor’s big vintage Cadillac.

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Kaleidoscope Doctor Actor
Kaleidoscope Doctor Actor Stands Out In “Green”

He wants Stan to accompany him, but Stan first declines since he plans to marry Judy after his release from prison in six months. However, after seeing Bob, he fears for Judy’s safety and gives up on escaping with Ray, even though he can prove Bob wrong. Eventually, Ray makes it to New York City, where he meets up with an old acquaintance, Ava Mercer (Paz Vega), who gives him a new name Leo Pap.

She also knows that a Wall Street security firm has employed Hannah for the past few years. When he visits Hannah in her office to make one more plea, she ignores him. To do the right thing makes him feel irritated. When Ray and Leo learn that she works for their old enemy, thief Roger Salas, they are shocked (Rufus Sewell).

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