Responsible Worker Feels Very Sorry For Outbursting At His Lazy Colleague And Making Him Cry

It isn't easy for different types of people to work together. They don't have the same attitude about responsibility, passion, and dedication, which give them more obstacles. Regardless of the difficulty, some choose to self-reflect to change themselves and develop. This man, Redditor u/SiC1989, is such a worker like this. Scroll down to read his full story shared on the hottest subreddit AITA!

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The OP was a likable and responsible worker whose manager's son was also one of his partners at work. That young man was cool but was a blunder on the job. He was always lazy, stuck his head on his smartphone, and even wasted $150,000 from the company's budget. Still, nobody said anything about it because of his dad.

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One day, a worker got hurt due to a large load, and the OP found the manager's son just standing still and watching without offering help, which infuriated him. The OP yelled and threw at the young "daddy's boy" coworker lots of terrible blaming and shaming. Unexpectedly, the young coworker burst into tears and left, which made the OP feel very sorry.

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In the comment zone, many different opinions were shown. On one hand, many Redditors agreed with the OP. On the other hand, some thought he could have done better. Besides, others advised him not to over-worry about what had happened but manage to find a solution for everyone.

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Talking about the responsibility of the accident, several pointed out the manager's son wasn't at biggest fault. He was a really horrible partner, yet not the cause of the accident. The OP should investigate whether anyone had disobeyed the safety protocol or whether it was a mere accident.

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Moreover, the OP couldn't take back what he had said, so they suggested he should apologize to the manager's son in front of other workers and use this opportunity to make him promise to their partners to get his head on the job.

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The OP was thankful for Reddit's advice. Later, he apologized, and everyone came to a good deal. After the conflict was solved, he, his manager, and the son would be more understanding and rational when it came to similar troubles.

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They learned their own lessons. What about your opinion? Be sure to sound off in the comment box below! If you think the ending is satisfying, don't hesitate to hit the like-share button! Afterward, jump to another interesting title in our recommendation column!
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