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  1. Superman - Samuel L. Jackson
  2. Indiana Jones - Johnny Depp
  3. Ironman - Michael Cera
  4. Hannibal Lecter - Leonardo DiCaprio
  5. Rocky Balboa - Timothee Chalamet
  6. Wonder Woman - Jennifer Lawrence
  7. Han Solo - Benedict Cumberbatch
  8. Sherlock Holmes - Rami Malek
  9. Ellen Ripley - Margot Robbie

Redditor Asks AI To Recast These Movies Characters, And The Results Are Hilarious

The recent evolution of artificial intelligence is moving at a staggering speed. Instead of spending days of hard work to write your thesis, now you can have ChatGPT to write a whole detailed essay for you with just a few prompts, or you can have Midjourney and StableDiffusion to draw you a hyper-realistic picture with a touch of artistry in mere seconds. It’s a bit too soon to talk about the machines’ world domination in the future though, as for now, we can fully make use of the AI’s magic to help us with our work, and chores, or just simply entertain ourselves with some fun ideas.

With the right prompts and descriptions, the AI can draw you literally everything. Recently, the Redditor u/dominicci123 has let his imagination run wild and use the app Midjourney to have the AI recasting some of our most iconic movie characters, and the results can make us laugh our sides off. Let’s see some of the AI’s best attempts below.


#1. Superman - Samuel L. Jackson

The first live-action black Superman in history? Count me in! However, he better inserts some of his best quotes in the movie, such as: “I’m the Man of Steel, motherf***er!”


#2. Indiana Jones - Johnny Depp

While Harrison Ford is the perfect cast for the role, a quippy Johnny Depp as the treasure hunter isn’t a bad idea either.


#3. Ironman - Michael Cera

Cera might be a bit too young to be the playboy Tony Stark, but at least he looks good in the suit.


#4. Hannibal Lecter - Leonardo DiCaprio

If Hollywood’s ever going to remake The Silence of the Lambs, they should definitely cast Leo as the madman Lecter.


#5. Rocky Balboa - Timothee Chalamet

While the gilded boxing outfit looks great, Chamalet wouldn’t be my first choice to portray the legendary boxer.


#6. Wonder Woman - Jennifer Lawrence

There hasn’t been a blonde version of Diana Prince before in both comics and movies, but Jennifer Lawrence looks exceptionally good in the Amazonian armor.


#7. Han Solo - Benedict Cumberbatch

From the Sorcerer Supreme to an intergalactic smuggler, Cumberbatch is the perfect candidate to play Han Solo, should Disney decide to reimagine the classic franchise.


#8. Sherlock Holmes - Rami Malek

A Rami Malek Sherlock Holmes would guarantee to be a box office hit, no doubt.


#9. Ellen Ripley - Margot Robbie

When you look at this picture, you’ll be convinced that the Barbie star would be the perfect replacement for Sigourney Weaver to play the iconic Alien heroine.

Do you think these hysterical recasts will work in real life? Let us know in the comment.

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