Reddit User Was Called Unethical By Boss As He Quit Job For A Better Opportunity

Employees have more rights than ever in modern society and should be aware of them. More and more people believe they should be provided with a comfortable working environment and treated in a respectful way. There are lots of good employers and better occupational opportunities out there, so if you're stressed out with your entitled bosses or toxic colleagues, don't hesitate to leave!


A Redditor called u/chamstar took his story to the subreddit r/antiwork and earned lots of kudos from netizens. He had worked for a company for several years and helped it thrive again after a crisis. However, he seemed to be to only one dedicated to developing the business.

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Instead of making use of the poster's attempt to develop the business, the CEO only focused on getting profits. He was impervious to the Redditor's warning and did nothing to improve the situation.

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While the poster was struggling to handle the business alone, he received a chance to join a new company and decided to take it. He informed the Redditor of the news, and unexpectedly, he was blamed for being "unethical". The boss accused him of being heartless when ignoring other employees and their families to move to a new job. The CEO wanted the Reddit user to stay for a few more months even though the writer gave him two months' notice.

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The irrational boss even forced the poster to stay longer as an obligation, which only made the employee furious. The Redditor decided not to wait for two months but left the company immediately since he couldn't endure the CEO anymore.

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Under the thread, lots of people congratulated the Reddit user. They totally agreed that he should quit his job and move on to a better one. Some found it ridiculous when the CEO called his employee "unethical" while he was the unreasonable one.

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Some people also shared their own opinions about similar situations. It's clear that many bosses mistreat their workers and try to exploit them as much as possible. The employees should know their worth and not be afraid of stand up to demand the rights they deserve.

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What would you do if you were in the poster's position? Have you ever experienced a similar circumstance? Let us know in the comment below, and don't forget to check out other posts on our site for more cool stories and ideas!
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