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  1. Emily Ratajkowski’s open-belly outfit
  2. Gillian Anderson’s backless dress
  3. Kanye West’s ripped jeans
  4. Kim Kardashian’s clear, thigh-high heels
  5. Madonna’s bullet bra
  6. Jennifer Lopez’s denim boots
  7. Julia Roberts’ outfit that included pants and a dress
  8. Lady Gaga’s oversized suit
  9. Beyoncé’s halo
  10. Victoria Beckham’s split-front trousers
  11. Cher as Cleopatra

10+ Red Carpet Outfits That Became Fashion Trends

We’ve been surprised by dozens of red carpet outfits throughout the years. 

Celebrities pay much attention to what they will wear to prestigious events so many of them spend months liaising with designers debating the right outfits. Stars tend to get dressed in something really unique, bold and eye-catching to become the center of attention. 

The red carpet acts as a fashion runway and outfits become the subject of vivid discussions. While some are so weird that we can’t stop raising questions, others take our excitement to a whole new level.

Here are 10+ celebrities whose outfits became new fashion trends. 


#1. Emily Ratajkowski’s open-belly outfit

In recent years, open-belly outfits get popular. It’s all thanks to Emily Ratajkowski. At the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party, Emily Ratajkowski put on an open-belly gown which has become one of her most recognizable looks. 


#2. Gillian Anderson’s backless dress

Gillian Anderson dressed up a bold for an even. The thong peeking out from under the dress looked daring and edgy.


#3. Kanye West’s ripped jeans

The rapper came to a Met Gala even in ripped jeans. These jeans turned out to be something funny and soon returned to popularity. 


#4. Kim Kardashian’s clear, thigh-high heels

The sporting clear boots Kim Kardashian wore in 2016 became a topic of discussion over the world. And soon enough, clear shoes became a new fashion trend.


#5. Madonna’s bullet bra

People were shocked by the bullet bra Madonna wore on a stage. This outfit later became iconic. That’s why modern singers try to copy Madonna’s outfits and style.


#6. Jennifer Lopez’s denim boots

Source: MEGA/East News

Jennifer Lopez’s denim boots went viral right after the singer wore them. Some people joked that her “pants were falling off,” and the boots immediately became a meme. 


#7. Julia Roberts’ outfit that included pants and a dress

Source: East News

In 2019, Julia Roberts wore pants paired with a fill-fledged evening gown. Soon, this combination was picked up by fashion designers.


#8. Lady Gaga’s oversized suit

Source: LCLA/East News

Lady Gaga impressed everyone with a huge suit and that attracted more attention from the international media. It turned out that Lady Gaga wanted to emphasize the importance of women in Hollywood.


#9. Beyoncé’s halo

Beyoncé dressed up a sparkling golden dress and a headdress that resembled a halo at the 2017 Annual Grammy Awards. The dress was inspired by Gustav Klimt’s paintings and the lyrics of Beyoncé’s song, Love Drought. And the sun rays on her headdress referred to Oshun, the African goddess of divinity, femininity, fertility, beauty, and love.


#10. Victoria Beckham’s split-front trousers

In 2018, Victoria Beckham introduced her split-front trousers to the world. 24 hours after she wore them, these trousers became a fashion trend. 


#11. Cher as Cleopatra

Cher came to a Halloween party in Cleopatra’s gorgeous costume. Everyone was impressed with a translucent top studded with crystals and a spectacular headdress of an impressive size.


Which trends do you apply now? Could you add more outfits to our list? Let us know in the comments.

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