20 Really Expensive Mistakes That You Won't Want To Reveal The Bill To Your Mom

We live in a dangerous world. Risks might arise at any time and cause a heart attack. We agree that having a bad day is terrible, but from a positive standpoint, we believe that wonderful things will come to you after what you have been through. We've compiled a list of really expensive mistakes that they won't want to reveal the bill to their mother. Perhaps their mothers will punch them if they see them. A PS5 was microwaved, a GT2 RS crashed while on a test drive in Los Angeles, a man's two labradors spent his stimulus money while he was at work, and so on. All of these will give you a heart attack and make you fall to the floor laughing.
Here are 20 really expensive mistakes people have made. Scroll down to have a good laugh, and don’t forget to leave a comment below. Let’s get started!

#1. An overnight coworker just sent me this.

Source: D0nk3yPunch912

#2. This happened in Blackhawk, South Dakota. 12 neighbors had to evacuate due to the discovery of a cave that is 40 x40 and 40 x60 deep. Caveners went down to the "sink" to see what was underground

Source: Andy1611

#3. The first night of vacation and we go to pull out the sofa bed for the kids, and hear a loud crunching sound... Son’s iPhone fell between the cushions and got caught in the hinges of the bed frame.

Source: flippity_dippity_doo

#4. My wife’s wedding ring went missing

Source: coffeeandcelluloid

#5. Neighbor having a dead tree cut down...contractor made a little mistake

Source: tcridley

#6. A stray bullet on New Year's Eve lands in a guy's phone at Beirut airport

Source: JoeJml

#7. Someone crashed a GT2 RS while on a test drive in LA

Source: ihasRyzen

#8. The toddler learned how to use the microwave

Source: Reddit

#9. Didn’t realize I left the stovetop on

Source: wongu1

#10. I bought my husband this expensive knife for Christmas... he put the knife through the dishwasher

Source: ranchtacosalad

#11. My friend’s 2 labradors spent his stimulus money while he was at work

Source: caffeinatedelirium

#12. Delivery robot tries to walk across undried cement

Source: 42how_

#13. Yesterday, Sinkhole opened under a private pool in Israel, and 1 person missing

Source: MaliTheMinecraftCat

#14. Remember to always tip your server

Source: Azsnee09

#15. Brand new Boeing 737 fuselages wrecked in a train derailment (Montana, July 2014)

Source: JPDLD

#16. That's a 1.5 mil $ fender bender

Source: YourLivesAre

#17. Spent over 100 dollars on expensive aquarium carpeting plants. My goldfish both uprooted and ate all of them in the span of 5 minutes

Source: Chichen-Itza-Pizza

#18. Oh no

Source: Xerceo

#19. Dude that's mine

Source: Turkishhall

#20. When you own an expensive car and a naughty dog

Source: Aquagenie

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