Random Crazy Pics That Going To Put You On A Laughing Roll

If you wandered long enough on the internet, you must have seen a hefty amount of funny pics. Like no joke, they are just like those instant happy pills that can take us from zero to hero in just a few seconds. So whether you are feeling down in the dumps or just need a good laugh, a hilarious meme or random crazy pics can totally change your mood. And the best part? You can share the love with your friends on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it! Sharing a good laugh with your squad can make you feel like you and your fellas are part of a tight crew, and who'd say no to that?
But let's be real, not all funny pics are created equal. Some are hella clever and will make you bust a gut, while others are just plain whack. But when you find a gem that's just right, it's like hitting the jackpot, yo. It can totally challenge your thinking and make you see the world in a whole new light. So next time you're feeling down in the dumps, don't trip, just hit up this list and laugh your ass off!

#1. I think you’re gonna need a bigger bucket…

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#2. "Not my job"

Source: titus

#3. "My wife got me a one-item scarf at CVS."

Source: ConsistentNot

#4. In their defense, it's called DriveSafe, not ParkGood:

Source: Buzarro

#5. Do you just hate it when dad lactate’s at the pool?

Source: biggdi

#6. Friendzone.

Source: dumpaday

#7. Am I?

Source: izismile

#8. Celebrity can be silly, too.

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#9. His face said it all

Source: batona

#10. "I told you it'll fit"

Source: 24h

#11. Smart marketing:

Source: acidcow

#12. Get a room, shadows.

Source: CARLOS---7---

#13. My first time to drive left hand car

Source: Carsplot

#14. The world's most useless job:

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#15. Smooth!

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#16. Friendzone... again:

Source: thetickletroll

#17. You must be in America!

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#18. In case you hate your job...

Source: yuggmeister

#19. Seems like a good bussiness.

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#20. These design fails:

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#23. Oh, Rebecca!

Source: thisguyisagoodguy

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