Quarterfinals World Cup 2022: Neymar Sobbed As Brazil Lost Bitterly To Croatia

On the evening of December 9, Brazil received a defeat Croatia in the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2022. The two teams drew after the first 90 minutes. In the first extra time, Neymar gave Selecao the lead after an impressive combination. Croatia got The Equalizer in the second extra time thanks to Petkovic. In the penalty shootout, Croatia completed all 4 kicks. Meanwhile, Rodrygo and Marquinhos failed to kick, causing Brazil to be eliminated. Croatia has won for the second time in a row in a series of brainstorming matches at the 2022 World Cup.

The Brazilian national team, Neymar Sobbed As Brazil Lost Bitterly To CroatiaSource: ABC News

#1. Neymar - The Hope Of The Brazilian Team.

Neymar joins the Brazilian team in the 2022 World Cup as a title candidate. There are many grounds for this expectation such as the brilliant football history of the South American country or it's been a long time since Brazil has had such an equal and quality group of players,... And one of the most important reasons. second, they have the world's top star - Neymar (Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, born in 1992).

Neymar in worldcup 2022, Neymar Sobbed As Brazil Lost Bitterly To CroatiaSource: Sky sports

Neymar himself also has a lot of expectations for himself. Right before the match, the Brazilian star posted a story on Instagram about his locker in the dressing room. There, in addition to the uniform, there is a picture of the player's son and a mini World Cup trophy. Not long ago, the media and fans also shared a lot of Neymar's phone wallpaper. Again, it's a picture of the World Cup trophy. Although the owner has never shared these images, it is not difficult to imagine how big the player's desire to raise the real trophy is.

#2. Neymar Comes Close To Pele's Achievement.

Neymar and Pele, Neymar Sobbed As Brazil Lost Bitterly To CroatiaSource: beIn Sports

Neymar has 76 goals for Brazil. He is second on the list of the highest scorers for Brazil and is only one goal behind the legendary Pele. In the 2022 World Cup, he has one goal and one assist.

#3. Neymar Has Never Cried So Much.

Neymar cry, Neymar Sobbed As Brazil Lost Bitterly To CroatiaSource: Music Mundial

But people still say that there is much hope for disappointment, especially in a World Cup as crazy as this year. On the night of December 9, the Brazilian team lost to Croatia on penalties, officially stopping in the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup. At the end of the match, the most shared image on MXH was Neymar's tears. “Neymar” became a popular keyword on Facebook with 5 million people talking about the topic. Those are the results that speak for the disappointment and regret of the fans with Brazil's result at the 2022 World Cup, a boundless disappointment.

#4. Neymar Leaves The Brazilian National Team.

After the match, people also talked about Neymar considering leaving the Brazilian team, about this being the player's last World Cup. This year Neymar is 30 years old, and in 4 years he will be 34 years old while Croatia's "old man" Luka Modrić is 37 years old and still plays like a young man in his 20s. It must be said again, Brazil is a country that produces goods. A series of attacking stars, whether in 4 years Neymar will still be able to keep the main kick, is difficult to know. Of course, all comparisons are lame, but not seeing Neymar play in the yellow and green shirt will be a big regret for the fans.

Neymar leaves the Brazilian national team, Neymar Sobbed As Brazil Lost Bitterly To CroatiaSource: Sportstar

That's football, there are winners and losers, some people cry because of happiness and some people cry because of regret. This is also the reason why this sport is always attractive to everyone. Most importantly, after these misses, Neymar in particular, and the Brazilian team in general will come back stronger. Who knows, 4 years from now, Neymar and his teammates can both dance Samba and raise the 6th World Cup trophy?
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