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  1. #1. Prince Yan’s Comic Origin: What Do We Know?
  2. #2. What Is His Relationship With Carol Danvers In The Marvels?
  3. #3. Who Will Play Prince Yan In The Marvels?
  4. #4. Prince Yan Could Help Introducing More Mutants To The MCU

Who’s Prince Yan In The Marvels? Comic Origins, Actor & Everything We Know

The Marvels is hitting the box office worldwide in less than ten days. Thanks to the amount of media leaks and trailers on the Internet, we now have a pretty good grasp of the movie’s characters, plot, and main villains. However, there is still one character whose identity is still shrouded in mystery to new Marvel fans: Prince Yan.
The speculation around this mysterious royalty is understandable, since Prince Yan only appears briefly in the trailers of the film. Is he in the comic? What is his relationship with Captain Marvel and the other heroines? Let’s find out in this article.

#1. Prince Yan’s Comic Origin: What Do We Know?

Prince Yan 1 Source: Marvel Comics
Prince Yan is a fairly new Marvel character, making his debut in Vol 8 of Captain Marvel #9 in 2014. However, even in the comics, he only made two appearances so far, making him a very obscure side character unbeknownst to even hardcore comic fans. 
Yan is the Prince of Aladna, a unique planet where every citizen speaks in rhythmic patterns. This rather unorthodox feature is already shown in the official trailer, as Yan and Carol are surrounded by dancing inhabitants in a festival.
Prince Yan 2 Source: Marvel Comics
Though he’s a prince, Yan doesn’t have it easy on Aladna, as only the female inhabitants have the choice to choose their mates. He’s forced to marry Lila Cheney, much to his dismay. Thankfully, Captain Marvel arrived later on to save Yan from the marriage. After becoming the king of Aladna, Yan eradicates the absurd rule.

#2. What Is His Relationship With Carol Danvers In The Marvels?

Prince Yan 3 Source: Marvel Comics
Funnily enough, in Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel and Yan are actually married on paper. As Carol Danvers defeated Marlo the Sleen, a wedding candidate, she technically became Yan’s bride. Instead, She gave Yan permission to choose his own loved one, thus changing the whole status quo of the country forever.
Prince Yan 4 Source: Marvel
However, as we see in the trailers, both Prince Yan and Carol are dancing merrily with each other, surrounded by dancers and crowded festivities. This scene may suggest that the two are married for real in the MCU, which got fans on their feet.
If this turns out to be true, it’s great news for Marvel fans. While Captain Marvel is strong, her overwhelming prowess and her rather stoic demeanor make her seemingly a bit distant and out-of-touch with other Avengers. With a marriage at hand, we could very well see a softer and more human side of the Captain Whiz Bang.

#3. Who Will Play Prince Yan In The Marvels?

Prince Yan 5 Source: Marvel
According to the trailers and the studio itself, Prince Yan is portrayed by Park Seo-joon, a popular Korean actor. He’s best known for his roles in several K-dramas and movies, such as Parasites, Midnight Runners, and Itaewon Class. Before joining The Marvels, Seo-joon just finished his casting work for Concrete Utopia by Um Tae-hwa.
The Marvels is the first-ever Hollywood blockbuster role for the 34-year-old star. In fact, he was already linked to the MCU title back in June 2021, being cast into an undisclosed role. Earlier this October, Marvel Studios confirmed that he’d be playing Prince Yan in the movie.

#4. Prince Yan Could Help Introducing More Mutants To The MCU

Prince Yan 6 Source: Marvel Comics
As Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019, mutants have since made their way into the MCU, with Namor and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel being the examples. The appearance of Prince Yan could also help introduce more mutants onto the scene, as his initial wife in the comics, Lila Cheney, is also a mutant. 
Lila’s abilities allow her to teleport not only herself, but also others, through a very long distance, even across galaxies. So far, there is no confirmation from Marvel just yet, but if Lila makes her MCU debut, more mutants can come flooding in as well.
What do you think Prince Yan’s role will be in The Marvels? Do you think we’ll get married to Captain Marvel? Let us know in the comments.
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