Possibly The Most Unexpected Camouflages You've Ever Seen

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but animals have distinctive patterns for a reason: in the wild, they help them blend into the environment and hide from predators or make it easier to sneak up on prey. And if you ever spent 30 minutes looking for that pair of glasses you just dropped on the carpet, you know that animals aren’t the only ones that can camouflage themselves.
The users of the r/AccidentalCamouflage subreddit are sharing the examples of unintentional camouflage they’ve managed to spot, and some of them will mess with your mind. See some great examples of accidental camouflage in the gallery below, and if you want more, make sure to check out our previous post here!

#1. The Void Stares Back

Source: MapsCats

#2. Dog On A Bear Blanket

Source: BMichael919

#3. My Mom Painted This Outlet To Match The Rocks

Source: newherel

#4. Day 117

Source: sopadebombillas

#5. Purrrrfect Camouflage


#6. Camouflage Level: Good Boi

Source: porn_trooper

#7. Help I Lost My Lovebird In This Pile Of Mangoes

Source: -_-BaDgEr-_-

#8. My Wife Was Wearing The Right Jacket At The Right Time

Source: Purp_Skurp_349

#9. The Perfect Camouflage

Source: Hauntologist2

#10. My Full Cup Of Milk That Made The Cup Look Upside Down

Source: PapaMutt

#11. There's Something On The Floor

Source: pakartidur

#12. World's Tallest Bus


#13. A Second Look Is Not Enough

Source: traitor_swift

#14. My Brain Refuses To Believe There Are 4 People In This Photo

Source: DrFlames2192

#15. he Tree Had Eyes... Eastern Screech Owl Mom And Two Of Three Owlets Peeking Out

Source: leslm2019

#16. After A Fresh Wax (There’s A Car In There)

Source: randomtask23

#17. We're Getting A New Kitchen Countertop Soon. Making Sandwiches Will Be Easier

Source: m83live

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