20 Pics That Can Send Our Brains Onto “Planet Confusion”

A photograph is just a moment in time, frozen for eternity, but some moments are more notice-worthy than others. They were so successfully captured with perfect timing that they can hypnotize your eyes if you don't look at them with caution. Sometimes, a double-take is necessary just in case you might fall for some little mind tricks. But who knows, even that isn’t always sufficient to determine what is going on.
We have put together a list of 20 pics that can send our brains onto planet confusion. Scroll down to see for yourself! If you want to see more of the same, check out our earlier articles for more: 20 Head-Scratching Pics That Have Some Explaining To Do; 20 Misleading Pics That May Challenge Your Vision A Little Bit.

#1. What in the world?

Source: Jalyn Mattson

#2. Notting Hill London

Source: Leo Kwok

#3. Someone help me, my brain isn’t processing

Source: batture

#4. So that “if you “follow the light” after death, you just born again” quote was true

Source: Kah C Kah

#5. #BarberOfTheDecade

Source: Minoo Sukhia

#6. How is this even possible?

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#7. Something wrong here

Source: pinterest

#8. Impressive

Source: pinterest

#9. Wait, what?

Source: pinterest

#10. Needs double-take

Source: Mr SillySpoon

#11. Wow, sexy

Source: pinterest

#12. A see-through monitor

Source: CroakyPyrex

#13. I don't want a whole camel, please, just the head

planet confusionSource: EndersGame_Reviewer

#14. Two-headed horse

planet confusionSource: imgur

#15. Dog in the clouds

planet confusionSource: cryssbrock

#16. Cats can now pass through solid objects

planet confusionSource: blarrofant

#17. When life gives you a detachable leg, make the most of it

planet confusionSource: blarrofant

#18. Where does one end and the other begin?

planet confusionSource: EdinaSaunders

#19. Where is my head?

planet confusionSource: Pnire

#20. Hey, look at my 6th ghost finger haha

planet confusionSource: Pnire

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