28 Photos Of Absolute Irony That Need No Further Explanation

All around us, ironic events and circumstances are ready to be photographed. These hysterically funny pictures are only a few of the best instances of irony we could locate in daily life.According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "irony" has its roots in the Greek word "εἰρωνεία," which means "simulated ignorance," and dates back to the early 16th century. Use of irony and sarcasm can be divided into verbal, dramatic, and situational categories. When the reverse of what is intended is spoken, this is verbal irony. It frequently comes up every day in routine talks.

#1. The packaging says it all!

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#2. The things you do to make sales.

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#3. The dog’s just celebrating his award.

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#4. Now, that’s what you call honest advertising.

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#5. Well, that’s one way to place a snack.

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#6. Tell me something I don’t know!

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#7. Can someone please tell me how to open this?

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#8. Just a great example.

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#9. It doesn’t take much to figure what’s wrong here.

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#10. Talk about irony!

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#11. Watch out! Escaped prisoners on board.

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#12. Someone forgot to fill up the other pool.

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#13. Seems like it should be the “Forever Alone Foundation.”

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#14. A “How to be Cinderella” starter Kit.

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Dramatic irony can be seen in story-telling formats including plays, novels, and movies, and it calls for at least one character to be ignorant of information that is obvious to the rest of the cast as well as the reader or viewer.
Finally, there is a situational irony, which is the focus of this piece. This type of irony is used in relatively modern contexts and typically denotes some sort of hilarious contrast, opposition, or contradiction between the intended goals of an action and its actual outcome. Here is a nice collection of amusing images for you if you find a burning car that was once wrapped in flame-like stickers or a book named "Teeth Are Not For Biting" all chewed up ironic and humorous enough.

#15. When what you planned doesn’t turn out that very well.

Source: pocahontas92

#16. I guess this is what they mean by “less is more”

Source: BruceMusto/reddit

#17. The new fashion trend…pants over pants.

Source: unknown author/imgur

#18. You will never run out of choices.

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#19. There must be some other way to stop the fire.

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#20. It costs to save someone else’s life.

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#21. Companies have never been more transparent than this.

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#22. Ohhh the domino effect.

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#23. When you’re just trying to help but end up making things worse.

Source: IFeelGoodAboutHood/reddit

#24. Maybe they haven’t started reading the book yet.

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#25. Better hurry up cuz supplies are running low.

Source: TheBannedOne/imgur

#26. I thought Earth Runs are about saving the earth? How is this saving?

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#27. Alcohol is forbidden in Saudi Arabia, but why do they have a giant bottle opener? Hmm..

Source: swisshippo/deposithpotos

#28. If this is “safety,” I want nothing to do with it!

Source: JakeTheSnake134/reddit

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