30 Photo Editing Fails That No One Was Ready For

Have you ever seen a pic that somehow doesn't seem right? Someone's thighs were unreasonably small, the background was crooked, or an arm had magically disappeared from the picture.
We are all aware of how commonplace Photoshop is now. It is applied before almost every magazine cover, most Kardashian family photos, and even by some of our pals before they post on Instagram. It makes perfect sense in this technology age for people to use their computer skills to enhance images. However, you might want to at least take a Photoshop course first if you're serious about persuading viewers that your digitally altered image is grounded in truth.

#1. Bruh

Source: mwazz57

#2. Poor horsie legs

Source: cryptic_slays

#3. A toy for your child if your child is satan.

Source: jessiegay

#4. Seems legit

Source: hannahkp10

#5. Looking for face covers on Amazon...

Source: F21lva

#6. I spit out my drink

Source: holluu

#7. Invisible bottom

Source: 18protons

#8. Photoshop level: 1000!

Source: hi-man-road

#9. I have no words...

Source: magnemist

#10. Photoshop fail, unless this is a whole new yoga

Source: tribelawn

#11. This mattress pad will protect your bed from giant disembodied hands that pour old soda onto invisible flat surfaces.

Source: Karnakite

#12. This cat... is wearing makeup?

Source: theokcorral

#13. Legs of an alien

Source: [deleted]

#14 That door looks thiccc

cringe photoshopSource: CapiPuppy

#15 Nobody will notice

cringe photoshopSource: OliverClothesOff70

#16 Cartoon character in real life

artoon character in real lifeSource: OliverClothesOff70

#17 Would look cool from space if it were real, though

cringe photoshopSource: OliverClothesOff70

#18 Evolving into a Pokemon

Evolving into a PokemonSource: OliverClothesOff70

#19 Nightmares Part I

Nightmares Part ISource: OliverClothesOff70

#20 Ohh, nice body, dude

Ohh, nice body, dudeSource: OliverClothesOff70

#21 Clearly, that's your ride, my man

Clearly, that's your ride, my manSource: OliverClothesOff70

#22 She's got leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegs and she knows how to use them

Photoshop funnySource: OliverClothesOff70

#23 Not exactly a PS Fail. Fakery exposed

Photoshop funnySource: OliverClothesOff70

#24 Wood warping

Wood warpingSource: OliverClothesOff70

#25 Why do you hate your feet so much?

Why do you hate your feet so much?Source: OliverClothesOff70

#13 What's with her hands?

What's with her hands?Source: OliverClothesOff70

#26 Light bends

Light bendsSource: OliverClothesOff70

#27 Can anyone guess why?

cringe photoshopSource: OliverClothesOff70

#28 Nightmares Part II

cringe photoshopSource: OliverClothesOff70

#29 Airbrush tool in full use

cringe photoshop

Source: OliverClothesOff70

#30. And all the kittens clapped for the graphics design skills

Source: Racingteamsam

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