Perhaps Nobody Wants To Remember The Moments That Completely Destroyed Their Days

Everybody has good and bad days; it's just how life is. However, there are times when the unpleasant things are simply too much to bear for any of us. Fortunately, there are those going through a lot worse than we are. A list of persons experiencing a poor day is provided below. Let's go check those out, maybe even wish them success for the future, and hope that we don't end up experiencing what happened to them.

#1. I don't know if this is Wednesday or Samuel L. Jackson

Source: u/DnlNicks

#2. Broke my 3 front teeth bowling on a first date

Source: u/Rare_Independent_789

#3. Doing laundry at a hotel… this is the machine next to mine.

Source: u/Fitznutzz30

#4. I feel so betrayed.

Source: u/confinetheinfinity

#5. This tells a story

Source: u/[deleted]

#6. I lost the unfortunate game of toothpaste or sunscreen

Source: u/PenguinLover9000

#7. Just wanted some sauce on my chicken stick (too much pressure I presume)

Source: u/Iceolator88

#8. My new $1600 TV

Source: u/brotherlymoses

#9. A man walked into the glass door of a restaurant and left a perfect greasy face mark.

Source: u/sagelface

Failure, so the saying goes, is instructive. At the very least, we can possibly learn even more from our mistakes than from our victories. But even so, observing and noting the behavior of others is the safest and most enjoyable method to go about it.

#10. The delivery boy placed the box against the mailbox, smh. I got a refund but lost my appetite.

Source: u/alor_van_diaz

#11. He really didn’t mean to

Source: u/Listen2MeDifferently

#12. Looks like I’m not getting anything done

Source: u/Honest_Armadillo_849

#13. Sometimes you see some really unexpected stuff in a car garage.

Source: u/panzer0462

#14. I believe I can fly

Source: u/debA_yorT

#15. There’s a purse in my pistachio torte

Source: u/mrs-smurf

#16. My mischievous 3 year old put my boiled eggs in the freezer

Source: u/Travice0

#17. Opened door to take out trash. Now I may have to move.

Source: u/westdl

#18. Well I found my glasses...

Source: u/PBandJellyfishx

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