People Whose Partners Did Something So Gross The Break Up Was Totally Final

Relationships are not always straightforward. To make them work, both sides must put in a lot of effort, compromise, and understanding. Also, you must respect each other's quirks and distinctions in how you each go about your daily lives. But what happens when a partner behaves in an unacceptable manner?
Given what OP had to go through as their chosen partners behaved so abhorrently that OP had no choice but to get up and leave, the following stories are almost too disgusting to contemplate. Discover the tipping point that caused people to burst into astonishment and disbelief as quickly as they could by reading on.



He had berated me for something silly and he was still angry. When we got home, he wanted sex, I wanted to read. He pressured me, I still said no. He got angry and raised his fist to hit me. I just looked at him. He lowered his fist.
I left. I haven’t seen him since. It’s been a decade.


Source: Zen4restSolen Feyissa

Found out gf had several fake social media accts she’d use to bully strangers and harass women she knew including my ex wife. Instant dump.


Source: poor_decisionEKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA

He was on trial for manslaughter and I didn’t know until he was found guilty.
He kept trying to call me from jail


Source:  TygoodnightIrinaG1504

She was jealous of me spending time with my sister and implied our relationship ‘wasn’t normal’. I was so grossed out by the implication. Dumped her the best day.


Source: puppycatpieThaitoystory

He showed me, with excitement, a box of things he’d been collecting from me without my knowledge. This included strands of my hair taped up neatly, bobby pins and hair pins I had in from prom, my finger prints and saliva sample that he took out of the trash from our forensics class experiments. He thought this was a romantic gesture or something, but it just made me really realize how creepy and obsessive he is.
He was also very controlling and got jealous/mad at me for hanging out with my sister, or spending time on my laptop or with my dog. And he also admitted to me that he stalked my FB interests to pretend he knew and liked what I liked, researching the games I played and music I listened to so he could bring it up in conversation. Total psycho.


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She was so rude to my friends. We went out to dinner with them and she constantly made fun of one’s height, something he’s clearly been insecure about. I told her to chill and then she said my hairline is far back but no one notices because I’m tall. I broke up with her the next morning. I felt so bad for my friends but they’re still in my life thankfully.


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My mom died just weeks before and I was tired as f**k, exhausted, and in a traumatic phase of grief after a year of cancer treatments and all the fuss of being there for a cancer battle. The woman I was seeing told me I need to get over it and can’t just be alone inside all the time. Never spoke to her again.Went through my phases of grief and have been a resource to ppl in my life that are going through similar loss since then. Grief takes time or it doesn’t; it’s different for everyone.


Source:Own_Error4828Ricky Kharawala

I once dated a girl that tortured hamsters. She got arrested when I called police. I didn’t even give her the honor of the text. Just called the cops, gave my testimony in court, and continued with my life


Source: G1ngerbeerKarolina Grabowska

I showered at his place after staying over and I asked for a towel. He gave me one which had literal skin flakes on.
I asked for a clean one. He asked what I meant.
He did not realise that you need to wash towels because “they just have water on them so they clean themselves.”


Source: bungernut-squashVladdeep

I had gotten to the point in the relationship where he didn’t mind me in the bathroom while he used it. He took a s**t and wiped ONCE. Didn’t even look at the toilet paper, then started pulling his pants up. I immediately asked wtf he was doing and how tf he thought one little wipe was going to do a damn thing, and he was like, “I’ve never needed more than one, look” then wiped again probably expecting nothing to be there.
There was a lot there.
Idk I guess the idea of him just carrying on with his day with s**t regularly caked up in his a*s painted him in a different light for me. Wasn’t ever able to reignite the attraction. Probably should’ve been the person-sized pile of garbage in his room that made me reconsider but I had further limits than most I suppose.


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My ex used to say, constantly, that she wanted to be inside my skin. It was her way of saying she desired me, but it was f*****g weird and off-putting so I asked her to stop and she couldn’t understand what was so uncomfortable about what she was saying. Pretty soon after that I went on a week long work trip and three days into it she called and told me the whole time I’ve been gone she wanted to cheat on me. Then she asked me if she could see other people while I’m gone. I broke up with her pretty much instantaneously.


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When she doted on my kids as though they were hers/ours but treated HERS like they no longer existed or mattered. MASSIVE MASSIVE red flag.
I was sooooo happy to get out of that relationship but years later I feel badly for her kids and pray everything turned out well for them.

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