If The Rules Are Not Followed, A Scene Is Created, And Here Are People Who Are Unluckier Than Everyone Else

What could possibly go wrong today? Maybe it's a common lament when things don't go as planned. We realize how exhausting it is for you, which is why we've compiled today's humorous photographs. Perhaps the folks below had a worse day than everyone else on the planet, but we think that their bad luck will pass and that better days await them. And you, too, should be hopeful and live each day to the utmost.
If the rules are not followed, a scene is created, and there are 22 people who are unluckier than everyone else. Scroll down to check them out, and we are sure you'll chuckle. Have a wonderful day!

#1. My gran was buried the first week of January, & this is the current state of her gravesite. The funeral home wants another $200 to fix it immediately or else "they'll get to it when they get to it."

Source: erin_bex

#2. Ordered fried pickles as an appetizer. I got 1 pickle cut into 4, which cost me $10

Source: joeyvesh13

#3. Went for a regular 3-mile (5k) run. About a mile in, I went to take my next stride and my leg snapped

Source: johnzanussi

#4. Don't ever buy a breakfast burrito at a gas station

Source: LadyRaoulDukeGonzo

#5. Waited 30 minutes for these “mozzarella sticks”

Source: JustinCooksStuff

#6. I fell while painting my bathroom

Source: addictedtotreegas

#7. Someone drove their company’s 18-wheeler onto the beach

Source: gomichaelkgo

#8. Parents' house caught fire and we lost 2 family pet dogs

Source: JyJellyPants-Grape

#9. My new car after an Ohio rainstorm

Source: Crashtimer

#10. Someone was busy at lunch

Source: CarltonTuna

#11. How I am meant to sleep for my sleep study

Source: CaptainCosmicCrack

#12. This has been my favorite plate since my mother gave it to me almost 30 years ago

Source: Ka1Ser84

#13. Day 1 of our once-in-a-lifetime trip to a resort in Maui. Nearly sliced his finger off in a door and can’t go swimming for the rest of the trip

Source: Shizzletit

#14. Loading up my groceries when I heard a glass break. Look over at the car next to me... she was close to tears

Source: buttsforhats

#15. Mcdonalds' ads have been pushing the Chicken Big Mac on me so I tried it - This is how it came out of the box. It was as crappy as it appears!


#16. Taco carpet

Source: Callofbrine

#17. I was cleaning my kitchen and found this nice tea cup stuck in this glass and can't remove it

Source: Vhad42

#18. Went to fix myself some coffee and grabbed my Contigo cup, found this inside

Source: kruminater

#19. Just bought a screen protector for my phone and when I opened it this was inside

Source: InterestingAd7771

#20. Too risky indeed

Source: Newslex Point

#21. It probably looked strong enough at the time!

Source: Mining Mayhem

#22. Hmmm

Source: Pinterest

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