People Shared Their Saddest Celebrity Encounters

When we love someone, we tend to find out everything about them. Many fans are dying to know more about their celebrity idols. Meeting these famous people is a dream of a lot of fans. But this experience might not be pleasant and some people were disappointed and sad, and even regret facing their favorite celebrities.
Many others can tell you from experience that this is some solid advice. They might meet them as they were going through various life struggles that made them seem less heroic than expected. Let’s scroll down and check them out!

#1 Tom Cruise

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"I work for an airline, so I see some celebs from time to time. One time Tom Cruise cussed me out because I wouldn't violate federal law and bring his checked bags to him planeside. Made him go to baggage claim like everyone else."

#2 Gene Simmons

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"My brother met Gene Simmons backstage at a show he was playing in. Gene complimented my brother highly on his guitar playing but then said "too bad you'll never make it" and just walked away."

#3 Steve-O

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"Went and saw Steve-O do his stand-up tour. After his show, he said he would meet everybody there. We waited in line, and he was being super nice, laughing and taking pictures with everyone. Right before we got to the stage some fat, redneck asshole told him that he was funnier back when he was on drugs. It killed his whole vibe. When we got to him he just took a picture with us and said thanks for coming, but he was clearly in a bad mood. I don't blame him at all, he was still extremely nice, but he was clearly irritated. It was cool that he still met us and took a picture with us though. Seemed like a really cool dude."

#4 Peter Mayhew

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"Organized a good-sized comic con, so I've worked with quite a few. But the saddest was really subtle: Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), was in the green room for lunch on the 2nd day. He looks very tired and is almost totally wheelchair-bound because of his terrible joint problems. I'm sitting across from him while we eat and his assistant asks if his hand is feeling alright to sign more autographs (terrible arthritis). He closes his eyes and nods his head and whispers "how much longer will this go today?" To which his assistant delicately replies "just 5 more hours." And he whimpers a little and sheds a few tears as they wheel him away from the table and back out to the fans. The saddest part is that he's the nicest guy and never denies a fan while he's at the con and always smiles even though he's in loads of physical pain."

#5 Ben Affleck

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I used to go to a small gym. The owners were laid back and had their cats roam around all the time. It was never an issue and people who went regularly would pet them in between sets. My husband and I go to the gym one day. We're the only ones there aside from a trainer in the corner with someone. My husband (a very observant man) tells me to go do some kettlebell swings. I thought it was weird but headed over to the kettlebell section. There is the trainer with Ben Affleck (training for Batman). I didn't want to disturb him, so I completely ignored him. Except it's a small gym. So I'm working out on the bench next to nice guy Ben, and I can feel him trying to acknowledge me. Suddenly I notice one of the cats starts to pee in the corner next to Ben. I shout "NO!" to stop the cat, and scoop him up. Ben turns to me and says "Hey, is that your cat?" Clearly trying to start a conversation. I look at him and awkwardly say "It's not my cat" and walk away. I had an opportunity to talk to Batman and instead became the crazy cat lady. My husband was watching from afar, dying laughing. Now, whenever I do something awkward my husband will scream "It's not my cat!!"

#6 Muhammad Ali

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"Been waiting for a moment to tell this one. When I worked at a restaurant in Florida a few years ago Muhammad Ali and his family came in to eat. Me being a fanboy and knowing who Ali was kept staring from a distance, and eventually ran next door to Books A Million to buy his biography "King of the World" and have him sign it. As he was leaving I stood and held the door open for them. His wife was helping him out of the door. He was looking at the ground. No speaking. Slow walking. Shaking from the Parkinson's. He got to the car and his wife was helping him in. I asked her if I could meet him and have him take a photo and an autograph. She was delighted and said sure! "Cassius, this young man would like to meet you," she said. I held out my hand and shook the hand of the greatest Boxer to ever live. The hand that knocked out Fraiser. That mighty right hook. I immediately started crying. (And tearing up right now). She said, "don't cry, it's okay!" I had to explain that it was surreal to meet the famous "Ali". She handed him the book and the sharpie and said "Cassius he wants your autograph" she opened the book for him and put the pen in his hand. He took at least (no joke) 2 full minutes to sign his name. And it was at that point that it killed me. This was Cassius Clay. Muhammad Ali. The most charismatic, float like a butterfly sting like a bee, man in boxing history. And he was such a shell of his former self because of Parkinson's. It was so heartbreaking. It really was. She then took a photo of us together and I thanked him, and her and went on my way. But god damn that will be the saddest moment meeting a celebrity I think I'll have a face."

#8 Brad Pitt

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"I got c*ckblocked by Brad Pitt. I was an extra in World War Z and I met this girl there and we were talking and all was great until one time Brad Pitt walks by. Was very friendly to her... totally blanked me. His stunt double was a cool dude though."

#9 Betty White

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"It was right after the Golden Girls (and Golden Palace) had ended. Her career was not in the best place at the time. I was at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles and saw a poster promoting Betty White signing her latest book about how much she loves animals. I liked the Golden Girls so I thought I would swing by the bookstore to take a gander at Betty White. It was so sad. I'll always remember she was sitting alone at a big table with a stack of books in front of her. People were in the bookstore shopping but no one was buying her book or really acknowledging her. She just sat there, pen in hand, waiting. She would occasionally wipe off some imaginary dust to look busy. I'm getting the chills just remembering it. Of course, I was such a self-involved college kid that I just stared at her from far away. I should have just gone up and talked to her."

#10 Robin Williams

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"Saw Robin Williams in a bar downtown Toronto. he was so hammered and noncoherent. My girlfriend and I tried to speak to him but only slurs and spit bubbles came out of his mouth, he fell on the dance floor twice and looked ready to pass out. To see My childhood hero in such a mess made me really sad. Some girl at the bar was hitting on him then after my GF asked him for a picture."

#11 Justin Timberlake

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"I was working as a concierge at a high-end resort in Park City, Utah. Justin Timberlake was staying with us for Sundance, and one of his entourage called the front desk and let us know their internet was flaky. I was the go-to tech guy, so I ran up to his room and restarted the router for them, and I was the hero of the night to everyone in the room. Literally, high fives and chest bumps. As I was riding the elevator down, I heard Timberlake in the garage (great acoustics) BELTING out one of his songs as he was waiting on the lift. The door opened, and we were standing face to face, and I said "I dig your sound, man." He looked at me dismissively and said "You should. I get paid for it." and walked past me like a schoolyard bully, complete with a shoulder bump."

#12 Paris Hilton

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"My mom found Paris Hilton incognito in an airport, came to find me, brought me to a tiny lady in a hoodie and big sunglasses in the middle of the airport, goes "hi are you Paris Hilton?" Then pushed me in front of her and said "here, say hi to my son!" Like I was a weird birthday gift or something. She said "sup." I said "sup" then she did this weird little laugh. Then my mom goes "okay bye!" That was my sad and awkward meeting with Paris Hilton in an airport."

#13 DMX

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"DMX very graciously held a door open for me recently. It was a nice encounter until I saw in the news the next day that he had been found unconscious in the parking lot later that evening."

#14 Samuel L. Jackson

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"Met Samuel L. Jackson at a celebrity golf pro-am. Shook his hand after I found his ball in the rough and asked him to sign my wallet 'the one that says BAD MOTHER F*CKER' I'd bought off eBay since I love Pulp Fiction so much. Had the marker and all. He just said 'No chance'. That feeling of disappointment will be forever with me."

#15 Eminem

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'I just think it's F*CKED UP he doesn't answer fans If he didn't wanna talk to me outside his concert he didn't have to, but he coulda signed an autograph for Matthew That's my little brother man, he's only six years old We waited in the blistering cold for him, four hours and he just said, "No." Gold virginity popped cheers!!!"
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