20 Times People Shared How Funny Their Younger Selves Looked

It's always fun to look back at old photos and see how much we've grown and changed over the years. But let's be real - some of our younger selves were downright hilarious! From awkward haircuts to questionable fashion choices, we all have pictures that make us cringe and laugh at the same time. But it's not just our old photos that are funny - sometimes we stumble upon pictures of our friends, family, or even strangers that are just too good not to share.
We've compiled a list of times when people shared how funny their younger selves looked, and the results are hilarious. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. After the discovery of Nu metal and hearing ‘One step closer’ for the first time

Source: Fun_Organization_654

#2. Soccer was my passion, clearly

Source: isbettermuchbetter

#3. It was the Seventies. Disco was King and I was its Satiny, Sequined Queen!

Source: a2gemma

#4. My uncle being embarrassed of me trying to sip some soda in public

Source: o7baseball

#5. My seventh grade school photo. I had a tanline from that Hello Kitty necklace

Source: lilyhammer69

#6. 13 year-old-me who thought that photobombing + middlefinger = comedy (2010)

Source: reddit

#7. 2007. I was learning how to use Photoshop and I thought I looked soOOoo cool

Source: kaikun2236

#8. So lit

Source: kileriki

#9. A "Promo Shoot" for one of the "bands" I was in. circa 2008-2009

Source: VincentLecavalier04

#10. I thought I looked like James bond, when I went to a nightclub, in my dad's suit. 2008

Source: Lucky_Ad_9137

#11. Was expelled 3 months into freshman year '03. To make a point, I gothed up 100%. Coal Chamber made me do it

Source: JustinMalice

#12. Back when I couldn't decide if I wanted to look like Helena Bonham Carter or Robert Smith...so I did both. 1989.

Source: EvenLouWhoz

#13. Oboe, oh no

Source: fweddy51

#14. My wife

Source: Guru_Woodman

#15. Me not happy at having to wear the traditional uniform on Ascension Day

Source: bertance

#16. Age 17, took this unironically thinking my hair looked amazing

Source: shemss_h

#17. Not bold. Just a hair dye job went wrong

Source: flannelSocks84

#18. It was the first time ever that my cargo shorts actually came in handy

Source: The_Coil

#19. This was edited for me at a theme park in 2004

Source: toughguy420

#20. As soon as there was hair on my face I went for this look. I didn't realize it was a mistake until 2019.

Source: magivictus

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