17 People Who Are Masters At Roasting Themselves

Sarcasm is a characteristic that not everyone has. Some people use it for others, and some use it to make fun of themselves as a way to overcome their struggles. They might accidentally (or intentionally) mention some facts about them that sound awkward, weird, and sad, often making others involved in that conversation run out of words. But that's funny, isn't it?
We made a compilation of 17 times people hilariously roasted themselves that will make you experience a whirlwind of mixed emotions. Scroll down to check them out now!

#1. Ahhhh, Tinder

Source: Inhypx

#2. That’s rough buddy...

Source: reddit

#3. Pretending is fun

Source: Kirby1105

#4. This isn't making the point he thinks

Source: Draxtonsmitz

#5. The math checks out

Source: duhmeez

#6. I mean, I can relate

Source: shotintheheadguy

#7. Seriously, try make me hate me more! I dare you!

Source: ckduke1

#8. Look at him, everybody, look at him!

Source: MozMoonPie

#9. This man needs some love

Source: Viggypoos

#10. Hello Terms and Conditions

Source: thatDrewMcIntyrefan

#11. So sad that it's almost impressive

Source: S_Demon

#12. Brooke Miller more like Broke Miller

Source: Isaacs_bot_nissacs

#13. Law of attraction

Source: swampyballache

#14. A mirror

Source: mialene

#15. There's something wrong in the script

Source: RyanH090

#16. Daahaaam

Source: JustRyan23

#17. What did it end with? A breakup for sure

Source: Someone-On-Jupiter

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