People Reveal Their "Anti-Bucket" List Of Things They Will Never Do, Under Any Circumstances

We all have such a short time living on this planet. As a result, we don't have much time to pause and think about what we want to do before we die. And that is the reason for the existence of the bucket list. Thanks to that list, we can enjoy our life to the fullest. Each of us has a different bucket list. While some people prefer enjoying weird foods and adventurous activities, others tend to choose something much healthier and safer. Being asked about their anti-bucket list, many people shared things that they refuse to try at least once in their life.
Here are some of the special things in their anti-bucket list. Scroll down to have a look. If you share the same ideas with these folks, don't hesitate to let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

#1. Climbing Mount Everest

"Too cold, not enough oxygen, too many dead bodies. I don't get why people feel the need to do it/try, but I sure don't, ESPECIALLY after watching Everest. Nope."

Source: HigherMind9200

#2. Balut

Source: Not_quite_a

#3. Anything Involving Height Like Bungee Jumping

Source: anon

#4. Cave-Diving

"Crawling through very small, dark spaces and chances of getting stuck and suffocating down there. With almost no way of calling for help, if u did it alone. Even if you were with someone there is still not much time to get help if you are stuck. No sir, I am never gonna do that."

Source: ttucker2016

#5. Having Children

"I'm not passing on my fibromyalgia or any of my sucky genes. I have my own under control very well, but I just can't put someone else through that. I refuse. Plus I'd rather have freedom, than take care of children. I don't hate them or anything, but mom life isn't for me. Neither is married life."

Source: DetectiveSnickers

#6. Sky Diving

Source: PandaGod2003

#7. Amusement Park Ride

"That stupid amusement park ride where you look like you're bungee jumping to your death. No, thank you."

Source: Lulu_42

#8. A Tight Cave

Spelunking! I'm so claustrophobic that even thinking about being in a tight cave gives me the chills.

Source: nownowthethetalktalk

#9. Drinking Alcohol

"I don't like saying this because it sounds whiny, but I've had too many problems in my life and I'm afraid I would find alcohol as a solution and get a bigger problem."

Source: HeavyWeath3r

#10. Deep sea diving

"I know what's down there, and I'd rather not go say hi."

Source: CLTalbot

#11. Cigarettes

"My grandfather passed away from lung cancer and was a heavy smoker back in the day. The fact that he didn't smoke for so long before he was diagnosed really shows how bad smoking is. The thought of cigarettes and even seeing others smoke repulses me and I never want to try one."

Source: raciallyconfuzzeled

#12. Casu Marzu

Anti-Bucket List

"You couldn't pay or bribe me with anything."

Source: AvsMama

#13. Not wearing a seat belt

Anti-Bucket ListSource: Anife89


Anti-Bucket List

"Or as others know it, the Swedish rotten fish."

Source: anon

#15. An open relationship.

Anti-Bucket ListSource: flirtingwithdanger

#16. Energy Drinks

Anti-Bucket List

"Main reason: they smell awful to me. I don't care if they taste better than they smell, they'd still probably taste horrible."

Source: Not-Sure24

#17. Instagram

Anti-Bucket ListSource: thisyourspecialBUSH

#18. Drunk driving

Anti-Bucket List

"I live in Wisconsin and the number of people who do it is astounding to me."

Source: RufRufRufio

#19. Weed

Anti-Bucket List

"My roommates are major potheads and they're always trying to get me to smoke with them. But I'm just not interested. That's some of the grossest shit I've ever smelled in my life. To each their own, it's just not for me."

Source: troysplay

#20. Going on a cruise

Anti-Bucket List

"I get seasick really easily. Like REALLY easily. I’m also very introverted so the idea of being stuck on a boat with a bunch of strangers while barfing myself to death sounds like torture."

Source: RackhamJack

#21. Chitlins

Anti-Bucket ListSource: chabs1965

#22. Tattoo

Anti-Bucket ListSource: ambroochia

#23. Contact Lenses

Anti-Bucket List

"Eyes are not meant to be touched."

Source: FatherDuffy

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