People Are Sharing The Lies They Tell In The Service Industry, And Here Are 25 Of The Funniest Ones

Employees in the service business are unquestionably the most resilient. People who have never worked in this profession cannot comprehend the difficulties that these employees face on a daily basis. Their responsibilities include meeting the needs of clients. But, with hundreds of people to impress in a single day, that's a difficult task. That is why people in the service industry use tips or tricks to make their job easier. And sometimes those tips are just telling lies.
"If you've ever worked in the service sector, you've undoubtedly lied to a client, or 100," says the joke. Although lying is wrong, if it gets our job done, we may argue that it isn't that bad. Don't believe us? Then take a look at the story that people shared below. Maybe after reading, you will understand why they lied—or simply have a good laugh! Let's scroll down and check them out!

It started when this user @makaylathinks decided to share her 2 cents:

Service IndustrySource: makaylathinks

1. "Hey, it's your birthday!"

Service IndustrySource: Prairieopolis

2. It's always good to shift the blame

Service IndustrySource: flashlightdad

3. Or get a nice break here and there

Service IndustrySource: Skressed4Now

4. Put 'em on hold

Service IndustrySource: Chynurrr

5. I mean, life is about constantly learning, right?

Service IndustrySource: rome_raven

6. I'm new here... sorta

Service IndustrySource: sarahjoystone

7. Agh... It was just here

Service IndustrySource: dkwtdwithoutyou

8. Sorry, we just need to remake it!

Service IndustrySource: Winskerss

9. Just blame the corporate

Service IndustrySource: folklorefandom

10. Or the manager LOL

Service IndustrySource: pebblestap

11. The "first-day" agenda it's working in every case LOL

Service IndustrySource: FlatJannrickles

12. A white lie to make they feel comfortable

Service IndustrySource: suchprettyneck

13. Teamwork makes the dream work

Service IndustrySource: bancroftboyjim

14. Sorry, just got here!

Service IndustrySource: gonetohek

15. Put it on the nametag

Service IndustrySource: Suz25541078

16. Manager isn't here

Service IndustrySource: teamboby

17. Blame the robot

Service IndustrySource: lauramorrisxk

18. A whole shipment that doesn't exist

Service IndustrySource: mattybum25

19. When in doubt, blame the imaginary new person

Source: mightychance

20. A point of connection

Source: L3kx_Miyagi

21. I'm in another department

Source: FrickinRod

22. Didn't meet the high standards

Source: redrockYfan

23. Blame the people they'll never see

Source: kleptosaniac

24. "We don't work here"

Source: Sweet_Saffron

#26 The truth behind all these lies LOL

Source: kblonergan

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