20 Terrible Moments Of Parents Working From Home When They Have Small Kids

During the recent Covid-19 epidemic period, many families must have experienced school and business closures. Parents were stuck at home with work and their kids at the same time. This makes them really stressed and crazy. Have you ever experienced panic in your own home and with your beloved children? Working from home is a good opportunity for parents to earn money while looking after their children. But it's not natural that many parents consider it a nightmare in the middle of the day.
When you have to hit a deadline amid a messy mess and naughty kids demanding your attention all day long, you'll want to scream like the parents below. Let's scroll down to see 20 terrible moments of parents working from home with small kids around and share your sympathy with these adult 'victims'.
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#1. Just because you work from home and take care of a baby, doesn’t mean you have to stop smiling for the camera.

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#2. When you know the true meaning of being a multitasker:

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#3. “Step aside, dad, let me take care of this.”

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#4. “Working from home is a dream come true,” they said.

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#5. No one said you can’t mix work and playtime, right?

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#6. “I still don’t know much about numbers, but I can assure you they’re all wrong!”

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#7. If you worked in an office, you probably wouldn’t have such stylish colleagues.

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#8. “The new view from my office”

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#9. Working from home and having small children can be quite a challenge. But if you have Spider-Man to assist you, there’s nothing to worry about (or is there?)

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#10. “My son found out that, even though I’m not at work, I’m still working from our home.”

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#11. “Me and my husband are working from home. Our 3-year-old wanted to have his own laptop.”

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#12. 'Me and my babies at home without my wife'

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#13. 'Don't move - mom said'

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#14. 'Another great working mom'

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#15. 'I wish my daughter never touchs my phone while i am on the call with my boss'

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#16. Lovely but tired


#17. Oh my head!

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#18. Sometimes daddy wants to scream

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#19. Help!

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#20. You are my headaches, kids!

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