Parents Share 29 Funniest Tweets About Their Kids That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

It's no secret to say that parenthood is a tough job. While taking care of kids, parents face many challenges every day. The most common ones are balancing work and family life, keeping up with the housework, dealing with stress and sleep deprivation, especially teaching children about the world around them. We all know this journey is so hard but don't worry, you are not alone. We all go through it, and we can make being a parent easier with plenty of patience, lots of love, and a great sense of humor.
In fact, there are a lot of parents out there who also have to handle the daily struggles of getting their little ones, such as answering kids' 1001 tough questions, facing their brutally honest comments, or responding to their weird actions. However, these parents decide to share their problems in the funniest ways. You can find a lot of their hilarious parenting stories on Twitter.
Children are innocent creatures. Kids always surprise us with their curiosity. Also, they may say the darnedest things and always come up with new, unexpected questions and statements that catch us off guard. However, let's listen to your children, you will be amazed at how much knowledge kids can take in and how much thought they put into their questions that are freaking hilarious.
Whether you're a parent or not, we've got something that'll make you relate and put a smile on your face. We've summed up the most hilarious tweets from parents to spread joy. Scroll down to read!

#1 "Glad I’m raising you with manners but I’d prefer if you’d effing sleep"

Source: daddydoubts

#2 They’re not wrong

Source: HenpeckedHal

#3 Even worse, if a toddler does something they think you think is funny they’ll keep on doing it, and doing it, and doing it…

Source: Average_Dad1

#4 Right??

Source: aotakeo

#5 Taste your own medicine, kiddo

Source: iinkedZombie

#6 "What, they’re telling everyone about my diabetes?"

Source: mister_blank

#7 Step away from the wall. Put down your marker

Source: simoncholland

#8 Everywhere

Source: mommajessiec

#9 This man figured out how to get him to play with the trucks. Great parenting hack

Source: HenpeckedHal

#10 Do u smell that? BURN!!

Source: SardonicTart

#11 "I don’t like it. I knew I wouldn’t like it"

Source: NotSoNewlywedPC

#12 They’re being paid

Source: copymama

#13 Credible Hulk

Source: seanoconnz

#14 Uhhh, the shade

Source: ConanOBrien

#15 Ppl w no bills are so positive

Source: DontWorryBoutB

#16 When you build quality, it shows

Source: Chhapiness

#17 You forgot to give her the 5 yr old special hairdo?

Source: aotakeo

#18 Yep. Dads are … expendable

Source: HenpeckedHal

#19 Show him a CAPTCHA and see if he runs away

Source: momjeansplease

#20 Fairly asked, fairly answered

Source: BakeKater

#21 Wanting to laugh but needing to keep a straight face is at least 85% of parenting

Source: meena

#22 Wait til you hear about opera

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#23 Nothing stronger than your boy passing you his drink

Source: daddydoubts

#24 This family could set up a small business selling “experienced hair ties

Source: simoncholland

#25 Sassy 4-year-old

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#26 She is the real one

Source: LizerReal

#27 This is giving me some real sad Keanu vibes

Source: kindofsquishy

#28 Her level of petty is 10/10

Source: MandyNdlangisa

#29 If you’ve never hid in a closet and ate chocolate, are you really a parent?

Source: Scott_Thought

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