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  1. Overtime Megan: A Sports and Social Media Star
  2. April 2023: Overtime Megan Leaks On Twitter And Reddit
  3. Overtime Megan's Response: Delete Her Social Media
  4. May 2023: Overtime Megan Returns To Social Media

[Lastest Update] Overtime Megan Leaks: How The Social Media Star Returns

At the end of April 2023, the Overtime Megan leaks shook the Internet! Multiple private images and videos of Megan Eugenio, aka TikTok superstar Overtime Megan, were leaked on all social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit!

Following the incident, Megan promptly deleted her TikTok channel, as well as setting all her other channels private. But she has recently returned to social media after months of being on hiatus. This is the full timeline of the Overtime Megan leaks on Twitter and Reddit. Let’s dig in!


Overtime Megan: A Sports and Social Media Star

Overtime Megan (born on October 17, 1999), a 25-year-old influencer from New York City, is a sports and social media star. She became part of Overtime in 2019, where she hosts and produces sports shows and podcasts. People love her for her fun personality, clever jokes, and love for basketball. She's even had chats with big-name athletes like LeBron James, Zion Williamson, and Kobe Bryant. Megan has a dedicated fan base with over 3 million followers on different platforms. Quick Facts:
Date of Birth:October 17, 1999
Physical Measurements and FeaturesHeight: 5' 2'' (157 cm). Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg). Body Measurements: 34-26-34 inches (86-66-86 cm)
Education:University: Pace University, New York City
Lip-syncs, Dance, TikTok Challenges, Storytime, Sports interviews, Basketball enthusiast
FollowersTiktok: 2.7 milion. Instagram: 603,000. Twitter: 8,000


April 2023: Overtime Megan Leaks On Twitter And Reddit

Megan Eugenio & Antonio Brown

In late April 2023, she became the victim of a hacker who leaked multiple photo folders and videos from her personal phone. The Overtime Megan leaks on Twitter and Reddit included nude photos and videos. The hacker posted the content on Twitter and Reddit, where it quickly went viral.

Popular TikToker Noah Glenn Carter uncovered the story on April 28, in a video with nearly 9 million views. He revealed Eugenio's ordeal and expressed sympathy, saying, "I honestly feel really bad for her, and I would not wish this on anyone."

Previously, in 2022, there was a supposed Overtime Megan leak by Antonio Brown on his Snapchat story caused a stir. It showed him in bed with an unidentified woman, sparking wild online speculation. Many suspected it was Megan Eugenio due to similarities. But Megan Eugenio cleared the air on her Instagram Story, humorously expressing disbelief, saying, “I cannot believe I have to say this but that is not me.”


Overtime Megan's Response: Delete Her Social Media

Megan acted quickly when she found out about the leaks. She deleted her TikTok accounts, which at the time had over 2.5 million followers. She didn't delete her Instagram account, but she limited the comment section. Her Twitter account was private as well.

Megan’s decision to step away from the platforms where she was known is understandable. With her private photos and videos being shared everywhere, the TikTok star needs time for composure and to wait out the toxic online wildfire. It's important to note that she didn't cause the leaks herself, but the photos and videos were hacked and leaked against her will.

"I'm a victim," Megan expressed in a later statement. "It's not my fault, and it doesn't define my self-worth. I understand that, as a woman, those private images were not meant for the public eye. They were meant for me."

Overtime And Overtime Megan’s Fans' Response:

Overtime, the sports media company that Megan worked for, has kept mum on the Overtime Megan leaks. However, her fans weren’t so quiet. Megan's fans were shocked and outraged by the leaks. Many of them expressed their sympathy and solidarity with Megan on social media, using hashtags like #WeLoveYouMegan and #StandWithMegan. They also defended Megan from online trolls.

However, unfortunately, many of the comments flocking to her videos were disrespectful and extremely negative, shaming or blaming her for the leaks. One user wrote “You did this to yourself” and another followed with "You’re not a victim you’re a hoe." This might further explain her decision to take a break from social media.


May 2023: Overtime Megan Returns To Social Media

Overtime Megan leaks Source: @overtimemegan

After a month of silence, Megan surprised her fans by returning to social media in May 2023. She posted a video on TikTok, where she thanked her fans for their love and support. She said that she was "doing much better" and that she was ready to "get back to work". She also said that she had learned a lot from the experience and that she was not going to let anyone "bring her down". 

She went on to say: "I won't deny it, it's been incredibly tough. Seeing my personal pictures all over the internet, with people making jokes and mocking it, has been really difficult. But what some fail to realize is that there's a real person behind this. I have friends, I have a family, I have a job... I'm not just a character on the internet."

So there you have it; this is the recap of Overtime Megan leaks. At the time of this writing, the social media star has returned to social media, ending her hiatus with a positive attitude: “One thing I know for sure is, you can take whatever from my phone, you can take all those images, whatever you want. You definitely cannot take my will to keep doing what I love. […] you can’t take my happiness. You can’t break my spirit.”

According to a report by the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, the number of victims of revenge porn in the US increased by 25% from 2021 to 2023, reaching 3.6 million people, and 43% felt suicidal as a result. From Overtime Megan leaks, there are some lessons to learn. The leak of private photos without the consent of the individuals involved is a serious violation of their privacy and can cause immense harm and distress.

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