Outer Banks: The Best Fan Theories Ahead Of Season 3

Outer Banks season 3 has ultimately debunked the popular John B healing shroud theory. Because John B is the main character of the popular Netflix adventure series, he is the subject of numerous theories about the show's history and future. Mysteries such as what happened to his mother have persisted throughout Outer Banks season 3, but his link to the treasures he and the Pogues are also a source of speculation. Whereas Pope is associated with Denmark Tanny and the Royal Merchant, ideas began to circulate that John B was associated with the healing shroud thought to be in the Cross of Santo Domingo.

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#1. Outer Banks Season 3 Destroy The John B Healing Shroud Theory.

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Season 3 of Outer Banks debunks the John B healing shroud theory pretty convincingly. Even though the Cross of Santo Domingo is destroyed in season 3, Big John tells Carla that he discovered it and can cure her. She eventually buys the lie and starts to walk without assistance, at least for the brief time that she is shown afterward. Outer Banks suggests that the entire tale was fabricated, so John B and Big John know that the garment given to Carla is not the healing shroud.

Outer Banks doubles down on debunking the theory that John B's bandana was the mystical artifact, based on how the show handles the healing shroud MacGuffin in season 3. Not only does Big John not indicate that his son's bandana has real healing powers when discussing Carla, but he also does not try to use it to heal himself in the Outer Banks season 3 finale. Furthermore, even if the bandana was the rumored healing shroud from the Cross of Santo Domingo, the show portrays it as useless in the end.

#2. Why Outer Banks Season 3 Was Right To Destroy The Theory?

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Although the Outer Banks healing shroud theory was quite creative, season 3 made the correct choice to debunk it in this manner. The notion that Big John's bandana was a powerful healing shroud had too many inconsistencies and flaws to be correct. The bandana appears to be an ordinary item that could be purchased at any shop, rather than a piece of cloth in which Jesus Christ may have been buried. It would also raise the issue of how Big John obtained the healing shroud and how it was removed from the Santo Domingo Cross.

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As a result, Outer Banks season 3 should debunk the John B healing shroud hypothesis. With Carla's participation in the series, the plot point had to be revisited in some way, but it also cleverly removes the possibility that any character wearing a piece of John B's bandana cannot die. This can help to raise the stakes as Outer Banks enters season 4 and places the Pogues in more dangerous circumstances. is a website that provides you with Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to keep updated about “Outer Banks Season 3”.
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