20 People Whose Orders Were Generously Taken

We have seen a lot of people going online to complain about how disappointed people were when they received what they ordered. Little by little, we get more careful and sometimes, we say no to trying anything new. But there are times (not so many, of course) when life surprises people by giving them exactly (or even more than) what they asked for. The lucky people in the list below will definitely help you win your faith in humanity back.
We made a compilation of 20 examples of people whose requests were taken literally. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. I asked for extra M&Ms

Source: TheTwinkieCuh

#2. McDonald’s ice cream cone

Source: TheTwinkieCuh

#3. Astounded at what ‘extra jalapeños’ meant to this person

Source: meggielim

#4. Asked for extra bacon and they delivered!!

Source: Snowronski775

#5. I asked for a personal pan pizza with extra cheese, sausage and bacon. Was not disappointed

Source: theycallmemomo

#6. I asked for extra marshmallow

Source: TheTwinkieCuh

#7. Homies hooking up fire sauce from T Bell

Source: Artistic_Original199

#8. Our waiter at Olive Garden gave us a to-go box full of mints

Source: Simple_Mastodon9220

#9. Ordered a serving of chips with my burger. This is the amount of chips they gave me. Burger for size comparison.

Source: psygnius

#10. I asked for extra scallion

Source: reddit

#11. I asked for extra fries

Source: reddit

#12. Taco Bell always forgets our sauce packets when we order Uber Eats. Last night, I asked for a backlog

Source: baronspeerzy

#13. Food court worker at Sam's Club hooked me up with extra brownies in my Brownie Sundae

Source: JephriB

#14. My coworker asked for a “fuckton” of caramel

Source: abortionlasagna

#15. I asked for a couple extra limes

Source: clkel

#16. Asked for extra chicken on my Yakisoba. You can barely see the noodles

Source: im_wabbit_hunting

#17. We ordered olives on the side

Source: bucket_listing

#18. Asked for extra pickles

Source: DrowsyInsomniac01

#19. Asked for a hot chocolate in a souvenir cup, didn’t expect this

Source: jupiter-calllisto

#20. Average order of a couple pizzas from Pizza Hut

Source: Horny_Bearfucker

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