One-In-A-Million “Spirit” Bear Spotted On Midwest Trail Camera

Nature is characterized by its variety and uniqueness in form, color, and shape. Colors play a significant role in the animal kingdom and may often be used to determine an animal's sex, mate availability, distinctiveness, or toxicity. Sometimes, it could seem like Mother Earth is out of color options when she decides to keep certain species simple and make them white. Unexpectedly, even though their coats are colorless, these animals are so stunning that people constantly draw attention to them when they are there. And as we’re mentioning beautiful white creatures, let us use this chance to introduce you to the Kermode bear, the most well-known white bear in Canada.
These bears are frequently referred to by locals and First Nations people as "Spirit bears" because of their appealing look and bright leather. There hasn't been a human-bear encounter in a very long time, but a spirit bear was just seen strolling through a woodland that is quite far away from their main habitats. This information on the adorable bear was shared on the Facebook account named Yooper Outdoors #906:

The bear was observed digging through bait that had been laid by a hunter.

Source: Yooper Outdoors #906

Source: Yooper Outdoors #906

A spirit bear may seem like a fictional figure from a movie, but they are extremely real and incredibly amazing. They are quite magnificent, have lovely cream or white fur, and are very easy to identify.


Outside of British Columbia, in the Princess Royal and Gribbell Islands, this bear is native. Because of this, there are very few opportunities to observe a cream-colored spirit bear in the mentioned location.

Source: Yooper Outdoors #906

Although DNR (Department of Natural Resources) officials have not independently verified that the huge creature indeed had white fur, they are quite positive based on the photographs that were submitted to them and other local accounts. According to an exclusive interview, Cody Norton, a staffer from the DNR, said:
"I thought it was just too cool. It’s just exciting seeing an animal pop up like this here instead of somewhere else. We’ve had some cinnamon color phases show up, some blonde and chocolate on some trail cameras we use for surveys which is also really cool to see. But those are more common in bear populations. White is its own thing."


Though they are completely distinct creatures, Kermode bears are occasionally confused for polar bears or albino bears. According to Norton, this bear is a kind of black bear with white fur, and they were created by a one-in-a-million chance when both male and female breeding parents had a recessive gene for white fur.
For the indigenous people of the region, the spirit bear is a vital cultural symbol, often referred to as sacred.


Sadly, it's estimated that just 100 to 500 of these stunning spirit bears still live in the wild, making them an endangered species. These surreal animals are looking for our help. Therefore, in order to safeguard this wonderful bear, all the reservation arrangements should be carefully activated by the organization and government.
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