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  1. The Case of Ondriel Smith from The First 48
  2. Who Is Ondriel Smith?
  3. Where is Ondriel Smith Now?

Who Is Ondriel Smith from The First 48?

Ondriel Smith, prominently featured in the exciting show "The First 48," stands out as a figure of lots of interest in true-crime media. This reality television series, which goes into the critical first 48 Hours of homicide investigations, has highlighted Smith's scary and complicated criminal case.

The Case of Ondriel Smith from The First 48

His sin in many murders, including the case of the Williams brothers and his admitting to killing five people in no time, shows an evil side of his life.

His trial, where they're hashing out the evidence and figuring out what to do next, is still a big, messy legal drama. Smith's tale is like a wake-up call about how things can go south when you lose your way. What happens to him next, especially with the possibility of the death penalty, is still anybody's guess as the legal stuff rolls on.


Who Is Ondriel Smith?

Ondriel Smith from The First 48 Source: Source: KOTV

Ondriel Smith, 40, is an individual whose life has been known for a series of creepy stuff. His background, while not extensively documented in terms of early life or familial ties, is overshadowed by his later actions. Coming from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Smith's path into the criminal world has been the main focus, particularly in relation to his appearance on "The First 48."

What Did He Do?

Smith's criminal past is extensive and troubling. He confessed to taking the lives of five people within a span of 33 days, a scary truth that adds to his big accusations. Among these crimes is the murder of Keith and Glynn Williams, killed in Tulsa. 

Additionally, Smith came out in the investigation that he had a history of aggressive behavior, even in troubles at home, such as shooting himself in the leg during an argument with his parents. This cycle of violence ended with an assault on a Tulsa County Jail employee and a lot of crimes.


Where is Ondriel Smith Now?

Currently, Ondriel Smith faces the hardest punishment - the death sentence. Since 2018, he has been locked up, with multiple charges hanging over him. His admission of multiple murders and how bad his actions were have led the District Attorney, Steve Kunzweiler, to fight for the death sentence, reflecting the seriousness of Smith's crimes.
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