20 Odd Things That Make You Go "Of Course, That's A Thing"

“Of course, that’s a thing”. That’s what you are likely to say when you see things in the list below. You might wonder why and how they could even exist in this life but yes, there they are. They could be products of true creativity or they could be the results of insane ideas. It’s up to you to decide. For example, apparently, someone made burrito toys just in case you want to throw a burrito for no reason but you don't want to waste food and money.
Now let’s scroll down to see our selection of 20 odd things that make you go "Of course, that's a thing", as shared by members on this subreddit. Check them out and have a good laugh!

#1. Shower curtain with pockets

Source: action_jim

#2. I need this

Source: Pheonix_007

#3. Jeff Goldblum shower curtain

Source: AppreciableAppendage

#4. Cat b*tt cookie cutter

Source: Blonde-Tabby

#5. When you get the urge to throw burritos

Source: ThenChoice2

#6. Caeser salad candy canes

Source: MagnusBrickson

#7. Wet wipes specifically for wiping up s’mores messes

Source: UghItsColin

#8. This mac & cheese candle that smells just as bad as you’d expect

Source: cuppytron

#9. Snickers seasoning

Source: NewSessionWen

#10. Heart-shaped headphone splitter that looks like a nut sack

Source: sksksk1989

#11. Found at Walmart

Source: GDML

#12. Burger holder

Source: Elron-Cupboard

#13. “Bokito glasses” are used to view gorillas without appearing to use direct eye contact as that is seen as a threat to the apes

Source: JBOBHK135

#14. Sandwich container

Source: reddit

#15. A 24-hour clock...

Source: VDT635

#16. Really?!?!?

Source: JBuggles35

#17. These insult teacups

Source: singeroil

#18. I mean.. seems like a good deal, right?

Source: NikkiGnarley

#19. What flavor now..?

Source: READlbetweenl

#20. Covid stuffie, along with vaccine and variants

Source: iamveryDerp

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