These Photos Show 19 Typical Obstacles Of A Girl That Men Will Never Understand

Being a girl is great! Women are the most amazing creatures on the planet. This has been recognized by men all over the world. Lucky to be born a woman, isn't it? Maybe many men think it's envious of women because they have the right to look beautiful, dress up, and receive priority wherever they go. I mean, men always yield to women in public.
But hey men! Do you know that women also have many unspeakable sufferings? If you have doubts about it then don't miss this list. Here are 19 photos that show typical obstacles of a girl that men will never understand. If you’re hungry for some more hilarious situations, don’t miss our post here.

#1. Wrestling with tangled-up accessories:

Source: bekahmaria

#2. The struggle of trying to hold in those sneezes:

Source: kakakkawasan

#3. Bad hair days be like:

Source: IsabellahKnarr

#4. And like:

Source: iofunnypictures

#5. You’re pretty sure you have bobby pins lying around but then:

Source: AmyHogan97

#6. And you think it couldn’t get any worse until:

Source: KaeYummyBae

#7. Spending so much time styling your hair but then the wind goes:

Source: awkwardposts

#8. Hair in places it shouldn’t be in:

Source: mariee_ericaa

#9. Favorite undies come and go:

Source: _Whitegiirrl

#10. You. JUST. CAN’T. mess it up!

Source: xoxMelBellexox

#11. Look ma, no hands!

Source: LaidDownLoverr

#12. Trying to convince yourself it's perfectly normal and you’re not about to see a bald patch on your scalp:

Source: LoxieInc

#13. Our FAVORITE time of the day:

Source: justsomething

#14. The struggle is real:

Source: RevaHair

#15. That feeling when:


#16. And you know you’re a strong, independent woman but…

Source: _____MM______

#17. Heartbreaking

Source: tweetmechloe

#18. So sick of hearing THAT question:

Source: MxnicaCruz

#19. When your tights run and start heading… east?

Source: robinxjoie

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