Obese Husband Demanded Wife Lose Weight For His Company Event, She Promised But She Had A Secret Twist Ready For Him

"You're so dumb, ugly, and worthless. Nobody would like you". Do any of these sentences sound familiar? It is one of the warning signs for someone being stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship. This psychological violence can come from spouses, who are supposed to love and protect each other as they vowed when tying the knot. Though a mishap occurs, this woman knows how to keep her cool and counterattack the bad guy.

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Redditor u/ShepherdsWeShallB told about her sister, Jen, on the subreddit r/MaliciousCompliance. Jen's husband, Chris, had always hurt her feeling and stopped her from the dream life she deserved by humiliating, devaluating, and shaming her. His company invited them to a black-tie event which Jen looked forward to, but the husband turned the wife down and said she had to lose weight if she wanted to attend the following year.

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Jen wiped away her tears, worked out, took care of her five kids, and looked for a decent job. On the other hand, her husband ignored his responsibility for his family and children. After six months, the wife reached her goal and filed for divorce secretly. This year's black-tie night, she appeared gorgeously in a beautiful gown but with another man. She talked about the kids' accomplishments, which were absolutely unbeknownst to Chris since he hadn't cared about them for months. Then, he left with shamefulness and looked like a beetroot.

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Other Redditors agree that the story's ending is satisfying and that Jen is an outstanding woman. She doesn't only take back her good life but also teaches her children to get tough and respect. Even though not all females can be like her when confronting similar situations, they would get encouraged to lean forward.

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Some comments point out the suspicious husband might have had affairs and wanted to conceal them, but none of that is important because he's discarded and will forever be out of the OP's sister's heart. They hope she lives her best life with or without being in love again.

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A few confess how they feel about their forever lovers and can't imagine treating their spouses any less gently. They think looks are never everything, and they only care about each other's health when it comes to weight.

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