Nikocado Avocado Weight Loss Rumors: Is The Guy Dancing Off the Pounds?

YouTube personality Nikocado Avocado gained fame through his extreme eating videos, showcasing massive fast-food consumption since 2016. Early videos on his channel reveal a notably slimmer figure from four years ago when he embarked on his food challenge journey. Interestingly, before delving into these excessive eating vlogs, Nikocado was following a vegan lifestyle.
In a post from 2021, Nikocado shared a photo of his younger, trimmer self with the caption "Was I attractive?" A video from 2021 reveals him reflecting on his weight gain, stating, "When I started Mukbanger, I was 150lbs, maybe 160, I can't really remember. Well, I'm 339, I'm almost 340... I've more than doubled my weight. When I hit 300, I could have said I'd doubled my weight."
Over the years, the YouTuber, standing at 5 foot 7 inches, has gained over 200lbs, often attributing the increase to "water weight."
However, recent rumors started circulating about his weight loss journey, indicating that he has become a lighter version of himself, is there any truth to this?
Is Nikocado Avocado really losing weight? Source: YouTube

Rumors about Nikocado's weight loss seem to start from his claim earlier this year that he had, at the time, shredded 89lbs and shows his seemingly slimmer arms as a result. His claim was reposted by another YouTuber in May.

Replying to his earlier claim that he had lost 89lbs, YouTuber CinnamonToastKen praised him for his effort. He even went further to analyze how Nikocado's face looked much slimmer in his video. "You may not be able to tell but just take a look at his face and then we can go over to his TikTok and..." he said, while showcasing older footage on Nikocado's TikTok, "I think he's actually lost a lot of weight.

In another video he uploaded on his channel on June 12, in which, with his regular goofy style content, he showcases a new snack that he enjoys munching on. The video is titled "Revealing my weight loss..." but doesn't mention a word about his weight, actually. It seems like a clickbait, like he's always done.

Now here's the twist: on April 30th, the same month with the video that claimed he lost 89lbs, he uploaded another video with him crying like a baby titled "I gained back 30 LBS". Something is smelly here I'm telling ya. In fact, if we check his record more closely from April to now, as of December, it seems that his body didn't change at all! 
The only explanation we can give is that despite his denying that the weight loss video is pre-recorded, it's hard to believe based on solid ground. What a pity for all YouTubers who praised him for his weight loss effort, it seems that the "89lbs" video is another ridiculous attempt to grab some views from the guy.
So, if you have made it this far, you already have your answer. Nikocado Avocado is not losing both his weight and his questionable content style at all, and the guy will keep juggling around until everyone's fed up with him (hopefully before he becomes fed up with fame, which I doubt would happen.)
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