All About Netflix’s Unstable Cast: Who’s in The Netflix Series?

Although Rob Lowe is best known for his serious roles in film and television, he has also proven himself to be a talented comedic actor in his portrayal of Chris Traeger on NBC's Parks and Recreation. Now, Lowe is returning to comedy with a new project called "Unstable" This eight-episode, half-hour series will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, March 30, 2023. Who else is in the Netflix series?

The show follows the story of Ellis Dragon, a biotech businessman who is highly regarded and eccentric, but also narcissistic. He is dedicated to making the world a better place through his work, but has become estranged from his son Jackson, who has a very different personality. When Ellis needs help at his company, Jackson steps in, but can he escape the shadow of his father's larger-than-life personality?

#1. Unstable cast: Who’s in the Netflix series?

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Rob Lowe's real-life son, John Owen Lowe, will be joining him on screen in the Netflix series "Unstable." In the show, John will be playing Jackson Dragon, the estranged son of Rob's character, Ellis Dragon. This means that the two will be portraying a father and son duo on screen. John has previously appeared in the FOX series "The Grinder" and the movie "Holiday in the Wild." The full cast list and character descriptions for the show can be found below, as provided by Netflix.

Main cast members

  • Rob Lowe as Ellis Dragon

  • John Owen Lowe as Jackson Dragon

  • Aaron Branch as Malcolm Drummond, Jackson’s childhood friend and Ellis’ former assistant who has been promoted to project manager. He looks up to his boss so much that he’s jealous Jackson is Ellis’ son.

  • Emma Ferreira as Ruby Rosario, a biotech genius who is outgoing and fun.

  • Rachel Marsh as Luna Castillo, a biotech genius who is shy and awkward.

  • Sian Clifford as Anna Bennet, the Dragon company’s smart and tough who is trying to keep the company together since Ellis’ “emotional spiral.”

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Guest stars

  • Fred Armisen as Leslie, Ellis’ therapist who needs help himself.

  • Frank Gallego

  • JT Parr

  • Tom Allen

  • Christina Chang

Both of the Lowes co-created and executive produce the series alongside co-creator Victor Fresco. Marc Buckland also takes on executive producing duties.

#2. Who does Rob Lowe play?

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In "Unstable," Rob Lowe portrays Ellis, an eccentric biotech scientist and entrepreneur who is struggling to regain focus after the passing of his wife, according to Netflix. This co-leading role in the comedy marks a departure from Lowe's recent work in dramas, making it a refreshing change to see him in a more lighthearted role once again.

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#3.  Sian Clifford plays Anna Bennet

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Anna Bennet is the Chief Financial Officer of Ellis's business in "Unstable." Described as "smart, tough, and formidable," Anna is not afraid to go "toe-to-toe" with Ellis. She played a crucial role in keeping the business afloat during Ellis's "emotional spiral."

Sian Clifford, who portrays Anna Bennet in the show, is also known for her work in other popular productions. She is recognized for her role as Claire in the acclaimed comedy-drama "Fleabag," as well as her performances in the ITV drama "Quiz," the BBC drama "Life After Life," and the comedy-drama "Two Weeks to Live" alongside Maisie Williams.

#4. Aaron Branch plays Malcolm Drummond

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Who is Malcolm Drummond? Jackson's childhood friend. He has been promoted to project manager at Ellis's company after a stint as his assistant. Malcolm is Ellis's biggest fan, which causes some friction between himself and Jackson.

What else has Aaron Branch been in? He's a comedian and writer. This is his first major role.

#5. John Owen Lowe plays Jackson Dragon

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Jackson Dragon is Ellis's son in "Unstable." Described as "more grounded and introverted" than his father, Jackson struggles with living in his father's shadow. He reluctantly returns to Ellis's business to help get things moving again.

John Owen Lowe, who portrays Jackson Dragon in the show, is Rob Lowe's real-life son and has previously appeared alongside him in the Fox comedy "The Grinder" and the Christmas romantic comedy "Holiday in the Wild." is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.
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