Namor Actor Spoke His Mind When People Keep Comparing His Character To Jason's Aquaman

The actor who played Namor in Black Panther 2 expressed his opinion when the community linked him to DC's Aquaman. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Tenoch Huerta, who played Namor in Black Panther 2, discussed how he is frequently likened to a figure with many similarities in the DC family, Aquaman.
Tenoch Huerta, an actor, responded to this inquiry by praising Jason Momoa and offering his thoughts on these two characters:
"It's like comparing Shazam and Superman when it comes to how different the characters are, in my opinion. They are just two underwater superheroes in my eyes. One is based on Mayan mythology from Central America, one on Atlantean Greek mythology, and all have distinct origins, originate from various civilizations, and even possess special abilities actually changed and are not the same. Namor lacks the capacity to speak with marine life as Aquaman does. Because of this, they are very different from me, yet when compared to actor Jason, it is a true honor for me he is such a nice dude!"
However, when asked if Namor can defeat Aquaman in a fight between the two characters, actor Tenoch Huerta simply said, "Yes."
Because they are both connected to the Atlantic, Aquaman and Namor in comic books have a lot in common. However, whereas Namor's backstory in Black Panther 2 saw significant alterations, Aquaman's was preserved when taken to the big screen.
Because of this, the actor's response, Tenoch Huerta, received a lot of appreciation from the internet community all over the world for being totally sensible and astute when it comes to demonstrating his respect for both his colleagues and DC fans.
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