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'My Name Is Vendetta' Reviews: Stream Or Skip?

Searching for the My Name Is Vendetta Reviews? Here we go! The most recent Italian program to be imported by Netflix focuses on Santo, a logger (played by Alessandro Gassmann of All You Need Is Crime), who resides in Northern Italy with his family and leads a quiet existence.
His daughter Sofia, who Ginevra Francesconi portrays, had just finished off the game with the game-winning goal in a competition. Santo gives his stunning blonde wife, Ingrid (Sinja Dieks), a kiss, and the two of them celebrate by going on a journey to a remote location in the countryside. It is the daddy-daughter day. Santo gives Sofia permission to take his robust SUV off-road so that she may relax and enjoy the afternoon.

#1. My Name Is Vendetta Reviews

My Name Is Vendetta Reviews
That is until she snaps a photo of her tough dad for the family album. Something that he has consistently and adamantly opposed ever since she has known him. Is he uncomfortable appearing on camera? It's not quite that. He worked as a hitman for an Italian crime organization known as the "Ndrangheta" during his time in the industry. He has been living under the radar in the rural areas of Italy to avoid the Lo Biancos family.
In the past, Santo was responsible for the shooting death of Don's (Remo Girone's) oldest son. As a consequence, he can only pass his reign on to his sole remaining successor, Michele (played by Alessio Pratic), who is eager to assume his position as soon as possible. The photograph sets off an alarm for facial recognition, which forces Santo and his daughter to flee for their lives to stay safe.
Cosimo Gomez, whose previous work includes "Ugly Nasty People" and "My Name Is Vendetta," is the man in charge of directing "My Name Is Vendetta." Gomez has an extensive background in the film industry and has even worked in the art department on the film Il Postino: The Postman, which was nominated for an Academy Award (no, not the 1997 Kevin Costner bomb). This is why it's such a letdown how lifeless and devoid of personality this thriller is. The action here is direct, lightning fast, and exceptionally violent. At that point, a fraction of sophistication and some depth would have been very much welcomed by the audience.


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The other problem is that it is obvious that the screenplay was diluted by the use of three separate writers, including the director, Sandrone Dazieri, and Andrea Nobile. This further diminishes the quality of the final result. The end product is such a simplistic and formulaic thriller that I can almost see Reginald VelJohnson shouting at the screen that the filmmakers blindly follow the genre playbook step by step.
The father manages to flee the compound with his daughter and begs her to pay attention to his instructions and check. The injury sustained by the father prompts the daughter to do first aid on her parent and then perform a second check. Finally, the father is tasked with teaching the daughter how to fight, and after just one hour of instruction, she has shown remarkable improvement, triple check. And, of course, we should be sure to wrap things up so that they can easily be continued in a sequel.
My Name Is Vendetta might have been cheesy, so terrible it's a fantastic "trash" movie at the very least, and it still would have been able to walk away with its head held high. Gomez and the corporation, on the other hand, do not take any chances with their story. The result is an unusual mix of gruesome and dull rides, which we have witnessed far too frequently in the past due to the script's ability to make us yawn.
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