More Pics That Prove Americans Will Do Anything To Avoid Learning The Metric System

Let's face it: Americans would rather stick to their weird system of measurement than learn the metric system. It's like trying to get a cat to take a bath—it's just not going to happen. They'll even drive in circles rather than converting kilometers to miles, which is a feat of determination that should be applauded.
The reason for all of this? Well, it's simple. They pretend the metric system doesn't exist. They'd rather use good old-fashioned miles per hour, even if the rest of the world is giggling behind their backs. And let's not forget the classic American tactic of not knowing the metric system at all. They'll stare at a sign in kilometers with a look of utter confusion, like a toddler trying to understand calculus. "What is this sorcery? I thought this was America!" they'll say as they miss their exit and end up on the wrong side of town.
Even though Americans may never fully embrace the metric system, at least they're keeping us all entertained with their hilarious attempts to avoid it. Keep reading as Emily brings you some of the funniest examples of them. And for all Americans reading this right now, keep on driving in circles; we'll be cheering you on from the sidelines!

#1. Hol' up!

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#2. What exactly am I looking at?

Source: MrFlow

#3. To remember what?

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#4. Six or seven washing machines? That’s about 4-5 plastic pink flamingos!

Source: super_monero

#5. "Tall as a bicycle."

Source: Juice-MoBB

#6. A basketball?

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#7. Well its a European game, what did you expect.

Source: TotallyNoRussianSpy

#8. In a row???

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#9. "Your body will do."

Source: pleated jeans

#10. Wait until you realize those aren't even bunny paw prints..

Source: lloveanonymityandilovebeingnoticed

#11. WTH???

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#12. Spare the hangers, please!

Source: Unknown

#13. A large boulder the size of a what?

Source: SheriffAlert

#14. But what is the dimensions of a banana???

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#15. Remember when it used to be bananas?

Source: Arialene

#16. Meet Maggie, the measuring dog.

Source: tazzadar1337

#17. Gooey butter cakes???

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#18. Sucks to suck.

Source: xd-NickLeb22

#19. Which are you?

Source: Dinosaur_Eats_Pizza

#20. "Please keep 10 lengths of my dog away from me."

Source: braswent

#21. But isn’t this the Italian system?

Source: ChalkyMercury

#22. Finally, the standard and infamous banana for scale:

Source: Master1718

#23. Hmm...

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