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  1. A blonde, sexy, and independent woman
  2. Embracing the Full Range of Roles In Irréversible
  3. Serious work - not just beauty's actor

Monica Bellucci's Empowering Message: Beauty Alone Won't Secure Everlasting Success

Monica Bellucci, the esteemed Italian actress, graced the 14th edition of the Lumière Film Festival in Lyon as one of the guests of honor. During her appearance, she shed light on her latest film, "The Girl in the Fountain," and took a nostalgic journey through her illustrious career. The movie intertwines archival footage of the iconic Anita Ekberg with Bellucci's own story, delving into the vulnerabilities and choices that come with being an icon.

In Federico Fellini's masterpiece, "La Dolce Vita," the Swedish-born star immortally wades into the Trevi fountain, accompanied by Marcello Mastroianni. Bellucci passionately shared, "Through my eyes, you find out who this actress was, and it’s a piece of Italian history that we’re telling. But 'La Dolce Vita' isn't just about post-war Italy—it has an international reach. At the time, there was so much creativity, there were so many great filmmakers—Fellini, Rossellini, Visconti, De Sica—it's a part of the history of cinema."


#1. A blonde, sexy, and independent woman

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Bellucci likened Anita Ekberg's arrival in Italy to a powerful tornado—a blonde, sexy, and independent woman with a convertible car and her own house in a country where traditional gender roles still held strong. She acknowledged the significant cultural contrast brought forth by Ekberg, emphasizing how these pioneering women challenged established norms. Bellucci asserted, "Today's women learn a lot from such women: They were the first who challenged the established codes."

Initially questioning the director's decision, Bellucci gradually recognized the similarities between herself and Ekberg while shooting the film. Just like Ekberg, Bellucci left her homeland, and both had to navigate the complexities of their iconic status fueled by their remarkable beauty. She shared, "Of course, being pretty helped open doors, it would be a lie to say otherwise. I was shy even though I talk a lot. So beauty meant people came to me. But beauty only lasts five minutes if there's nothing behind."

Bellucci mischievously added, drawing laughter from the audience, "What you must know is that, from the age of 40, they offer you roles as a witch! But you mustn't cry; you must take on these roles. A whole new range of roles opens up. Before that, you were too young and pretty, and you must welcome this opportunity.


#2. Embracing the Full Range of Roles In Irréversible

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Reflecting on her experience filming the controversial movie "Irréversible" with Gaspar Noé in 2001, Bellucci, a former model, expressed no qualms about using her body as a working tool. She explained, "An actor, like a dancer, uses his body as an instrument, just like a musician has his instrument. Today, I use it much less, but I came from the world of fashion, so I was used to using my body as a means of expression."

Addressing the contrast between poetry, love, and the darker sides of humanity depicted in "Irréversible," Bellucci acknowledged the film's powerful impact. She remarked, "This film has that power, also in the way it was shot—with a 20-minute sequence—normally, that only happens in the theater." The film's unique approach drew academic attention, with universities incorporating it into their curriculum as a groundbreaking piece of cinema.


#3. Serious work - not just beauty's actor

Source: Chassignole Olivier

When asked about her preference for working with either young or experienced directors, Bellucci emphasized the importance of experiencing the final product before making a judgment. She stated, "You can work with both—you have to see the film once it's completed to understand. I am open to everything—what matters is that I feel alive."

Monica Bellucci's film, "The Girl in the Fountain," has captivated audiences since its premiere. And the Lumière Film Festival, running in Lyon until October 23rd last year, continued to celebrate the art of cinema and its remarkable talents.

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