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  3. November, 1999
  4. October, 2000
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  9. October 2008
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Monica Bellucci Transformations: 20+ of The Most Enduring Beauty Looks Over The Years

In a world where beauty standards are constantly evolving, Italian actress Monica Bellucci has managed to maintain timeless allure and elegance. From her early beginnings as a model in the 1980s to her iconic roles on the big screen, Bellucci has consistently stunned audiences with her stunning beauty looks. With her piercing green eyes, full lips, and luscious dark locks, it's no wonder she's considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the world.

Throughout her career, Bellucci has experimented with various hairstyles, makeup looks, and fashion styles, and each one has been just as mesmerizing as the last. Today, we take a look at 17 of her most enduring beauty looks. From her sultry red carpet appearances to her understated yet elegant everyday looks, we delve into the secrets behind Bellucci's beauty magic. Join us as we explore her timeless glamour and discover how you too can achieve her signature style.


#1. June, 1991

Source: frederic meylan
Bellucci made her film debut in 1990 with a small role in the Italian film "La Riffa." In the mid-1990s, she became famous for appearing in a number of European hit films such as L'Appartement (1996) and Malèna (2000).

#2. May, 1997

Source: Derek Hudson
In 1997, Bellucci appeared two films: "Dobermann" - a French action comedy film and "Mauvais genre" (released as "The Apartment" in some countries) - another French romantic comedy-drama film. Both of these films helped to increase Bellucci's international profile and establish her as a rising star in European cinema. These films helped establish Bellucci's career in international cinema and showcased her range as an actress.

#3. November, 1999

Source: Serge ARNAL
In the year 1999, Monica Bellucci was known for appearing in the movie "Comme un Poisson hors de l'eau."

#4. October, 2000

Source: Scott Gries
After becoming a movie star, Monica Bellucci took part in several Movies.including "Under Suspicion," "Malèna," and "Franck Spadone." These films helped establish Bellucci's career in France and Italy and showcased her versatility as an actress.

#5. February, 2002

Source: Steve Granitz
In 2002, Bellucci started her Hollywood career with a role in "Irreversible."  This helped her cement her reputation as an actress with international appeal.

#6. May, 2002

Source: Evan Agostini
The actress had also a small cameo appearance as a vampire queen in the horror-action film "Queen of the Damned," which was released in 2002 after her scene was cut from the final version of the film.

#7. May, 2006

Source: Evan Agostini
Additionally, she appeared in a short film called "N (Io e Napoleone)" as the character Baronessa Emilia Speziali.

#8. September 2007

In 2007, Monica Bellucci appeared in several films. She played the role of Queen of Sheba in the movie "Sanguepazzo" (Wild Blood), which was directed by Marco Tullio Giordana. Bellucci also appeared as herself in the documentary film "Cannes, 60 Ans D'Histoire," which celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival.

#9. October 2008

Source: Bridgemanimages
Italian actress Monica Bellucci poses prior to the press conference for the film 'The Man Who Loves' (L'Uomo Che Ama) during the 3rd Rome International Film Festival at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, Italy, 23 October 2008.

#10. March 2011

Source: © Abaca
In 2011, Monica Bellucci appeared in several movies. She starred in the French thriller "The Whistleblower", alongside Rachel Weisz and Vanessa Redgrave. She also played a role in the Italian comedy-drama film "Manuale d'amore 3" (Manual of Love 3), which was directed by Giovanni Veronesi.

#11. June 2012

Source: Facebook

In 2012, Monica Bellucci appeared in the French-Canadian historical drama film "The Ages of Love" (Les Âges de l'amour), directed by Giovanni Veronesi. The film consists of three segments exploring love at different ages and stages of life, and Bellucci starred in the second segment alongside Robert De Niro.


#12. May 2014

Monica Bellucci attended the Festival de Cannes in 2014. She also appeared in several movies. She played one of the leading roles in the French-Belgian drama film "The Wonders" (Le Meraviglie), directed by Alice Rohrwacher. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and won the Grand Prix award.


#13. March, 2015

In 2015, Bellucci took on the lead role of Sophie Bernard in the Canadian television series Ville-Marie directed by Guy Édoin.

#14. October, 2015

Source: John Phillips
Italian actress Monica Bellucci suspects she was offered the role of Judi Dench as M in the new James Bond film, Specter, rather than being asked to play the oldest Bond girl to date.

#15. October, 2015

Source: Dave J Hogan
Monica Bellucci says she's a Bond Woman, not a Bond Girl. “Men think that women when they’re not able to procreate anymore, become old,” she said. “That is not true – they are still amazing! That’s why I think that Sam Mendes [director of Spectre], in choosing me, an adult woman, created a big revolution,” she said in an interview in 2015.

#16. January, 2018

Source: JB Lacroix
In 2018, Monica Bellucci appeared in several movies and TV shows, including: "Twin Peaks: The Return," "Nekrotronic," "On the Milky Road," and "Spider in the Web." These projects demonstrated her versatility as an actress in various genres and her continued presence in both international films and television.

#17. August, 2019

Source: Anadolu Agency
In the year of 2019, Monica Bellucci appeared in several movies and TV shows, such as: "Nekrotronic," "Mozart in the Jungle," "The Best Years of a Life," and "Spider in the Web."

#18. August, 2019

These projects showcased Bellucci's continued presence in both film and television as well as her versatility as an actress in 2019.

#19. June, 2020

In 2020, Monica Bellucci took part in some movies and TV shows like "The New Pope," "The Burnt Orange Heresy," and "The Book of Vision." 

#20. June, 2020

These movie projects showed Bellucci's continued presence and relevance in both international film and television industries.

#21. October, 2022

In 2022, Monica Bellucci, who is still acting to this day, appeared in three films, the most recent being Diabolik – Ginko all'attacco!, based on a popular crime and adventure comic language in Europe. She is Altea di Vallemberg in the movie.

#22. February, 2023

In 2023, Bellucci entered negotiations to star in Beetlejuice 2. She will play Beetlejuice's wife. What do you think about her beauty and talent?

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